OMG ASCP Bathroom Reveal

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I want to make sure Chelsey Frederick gets credit for all her hard work in taking the pictures for this post and the next two weeks. Chelsey is a junior at Northwestern State University in Natchitoches, LA and photographs the animals for Hope for Paws. Thanks Chelsey!

This week I have the second half of my clients home to reveal. Last week was her amazing kitchen now it’s two of her bathrooms. My brother was working on her home installing the wood floors when he saw her trying to strip the top of an old cabinet that she wanted to use in her bathroom as a vanity. She found out real fast, as we all do, that she did not want to tackle that job. So he loaded it and brought it home to me. This was the first thing I would do for her. I did not do a post on this cabinet so I can’t link you to anything for more detail. But I will show you a before picture. I had to repair a crack in the door on the bottom.

L's before vanity d/s

This is it when I delivered it.

L's vanity on delivery

I painted it Paris Grey with dark wax.  The center part of the drawer was removed to allow room for the plumbing of the vessel sink which created two narrow drawers on each side. I also painted the inside of the cabinet and drawer a pretty red. I stained the stripped oak wood with MINWAX dark walnut which is what we stained the floors with.

L's cab

L's vanity d/s w/red drawer

This sink was so pretty. It was brown with carvings/grooves cut that revealed a grey color with the inside of the bowl also being grey. It was the perfect sink for this grey-with-dark-wax vanity.

L's d/s vessel on vanity

L's rose on d/s vanity

L's chandelier d/s b/r

The shower was grey marble and had a natural linen curtain that hung from the ceiling and pooled on the floor. She has some amazing light fixtures in her home.  The mirror was the width of the vanity and was between five to six feet tall with a beautiful dark wood frame.

The upstairs bathroom has a completely different feel to it. I will show you with the pictures and describe it as we go.

L's landing

This picture really shows how pretty the floors are.

L's u/s vanity

To get the detail on the dresser turned vanity you can click here.

L's u/s vanity w/vessel sink

L's u/s tub

To the left of this great claw-foot tub there is a toilet and bedet.

L's u/s b/r chandelier

L's u/s mirror

Well there you have it. My first home reveal. What do ya think? 🙂 As always thanks so much for stopping in and don’t forget to say Hi!

Please stay in touch because I will have another home reveal over the next two weeks.

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Hoo Hooo Hoooosier Cabinet

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First of all I would like to thank everyone that visited last week and commented on the post and also by email. I have had so many requests for a picture of the barn-door headboard completed with the bed. While delivering this headboard I asked my client if I could get a picture of the bed after it was finished and YES it will happen! Please look for it in the coming weeks. IT IS BEAUTIFUL! And…her  husband now has the “vision” too. 🙂

So remember the bedroom suit with the tiger design? remember the barley twist table with the four chairs? remember…oh yea this “remember” is for this week’s post. Here is another wonderful piece from my very special client for you to remember. Yes it is a Hoosier cabinet. This type of cabinet has been made from the early 1900’s and almost all of these cabinets were produced by companies located in Indiana. If you’re wondering why they are called “Hoosier’s” its mainly because the largest of these companies was Hoosier Manufacturing Co. of New Castle, Indiana.

This is what I started with. Not bad huh? There were some issues with the veneer on a couple of the panels and after that was repaired it was my turn.

Hoosier before

Here is the inspiration from Pottery Barn. They loved the different colors peaking through on the panels. Can you see all the colors?

Pottery Barn Inspiration

Initially, my client wanted Antibes but a softer green like the inspiration above. I mixed Annie Sloan’s Cream, Pure White and Antibes and had the match when they decided to use straight Antibes. If you have painted with this color you know that it can be very intense and was a bold decision on a piece this large. The Pottery Barn console looked to have used three colors. So, three colors are what I used too. First, I painted the whole cabinet with Greek Blue. I painted the whole cabinet instead of the distress points, because I  had no idea where those distress points were going to be. Second, was Old White and thirdly, Antibes. The panels were painted Old White again. TIP: If you don’t have any Old White, four parts Pure White and one part Cream makes a perfect Old White!

The distressing on this piece, I have to say, was well beyond my comfort zone!   I first handled the cabinets as if I were using it to find where my hands would naturally go to and that’s how I started the initial distressing. I sanded then let it get cold. I would come back to it and sand some more! After I had a starting point with this technique I then started the all-over sanding process. I used a sanding block, the kind you add your own paper to, because I wanted to control the grit of paper. The grain of the wood then took a life of it’s own and developed it’s own “worn” look.

Funky Hoosier

I had fun with this first picture by using a “funky vintage” look. Cool huh? Okay, here’s the original.

Pic untouched

I loved the built-in chopping board. I did show a lot more of the Greek Blue than the inspiration, but while sanding the drawer, WOW!…it just looked perfect!

Hoosier Drawers

The edges of the doors were well worn and I love the way they distressed. The latch was originally put on crooked and I left it that way.

Hoosier door detail

After the distressing was complete I waxed with clear wax then added a dark wax glaze that completed the WOW factor. I watched this piece take on that amazing aged look as I worked.

I could see this cabinet waking up in the morning with the crock bowl and old flour sifter and biscuits being rolled out on the enamel top. The rolling pin belonged to my grandmother. I remember sifting flour as a little girl with the sifter.

Hoosier rolling pin

I had such fun with this piece. I hope everyone that see’s this post enjoyed it as much as I have in creating it.

Thanks for stopping in for a visit and don’t forget to say hi.

Cedar Chest into Toy Chest

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…actually I feel like I should be telling myself that since I’ve been gone so long and the thing is I haven’t gone anywhere. I HAVE to get back into “this” again as I have had so many remind me that I haven’t been keeping up on the posts…hmmmmm…YAY!!! I have people that actually like reading this. HAHA! So here’s what’s going on with me this week.

I have a client who’s mother has two chests, one cedar and one is a domed trunk that will be a fun challenge. And if anyone has a better name than “domed trunk” please let me know. Kelli says Google it mom and I’m telling her I don’t have time. I have twenty minutes to write this, get the pics in and link up to MMS FFF.  So, for this post it ‘s stuck with being called a “domed trunk”. Can you tell  my mind is jumping from subject to subject? I can’t get my mind off a conversation I had this evening about ASCP. Yea…you know what I’m talking about. 😉 I sent an email to one of my clients asking them to be my stockist.  “A what?” they asked. Three hours later I left their house after picking up a Hoosier that I will share with you later. Okay gotta get back to my post. Concentrate…get centered…oh there it goes again…ASCP stockist…

So about this cedar chest…my client’s sister chose this one of the two and she wants it made into a toy chest with hydraulic lifts for the lid as it is quite heavy. Here is what it looked like before I started.

Anna's cedar chest

When I first saw it I thought the alligator finish was caused from resin seeping through but I guest it had just been in the sun and over years this is what happened to the finish. Thankfully it sanded completely off. The inside is in pristine condition and still smells of cedar. You can see in the picture that the lid is very large so I had to find hydraulic lifts that would work. I guess I just chose the wrong company to order from because I had so much trouble figuring out how to install them. The one inch picture with instructions just didn’t give this DIYer enough info. But finally I was able to deliver it today, just in time for them to see it in person instead of reading about it here.

Anna's cedar chest finished

Wow what happened to it? ASCP Old White happened and isn’t it a beauty. I couldn’t help distress it off centered a little extra because I could  picture all the little knees bracing themselves while digging to the absolute bottom of this chest while creating havoc on the floor. Oh the memories of that. The thing is my oldest son had all the tiny toy indians and cowboys that were about an inch tall so when he was knee deep…OMG there were hundreds of these tiny toys that had to be picked up…yep you got it by none other than  yours truly.

Anna's chest hinge

Anna's chest side view

I feel very accomplished for having finished and delivered both this chest and this post. Even though I am hours late and I am number WHAT? on MMS FFF. Oh well…ASCP stockist anyone?

Thanks for stopping in and visiting for a while. Please come back I promise there will be more.

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Vintage Lane Chest

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I guess I just can’t help it. Call me ridiculous, soppy, or just plain silly, but I got so excited this week when Ellen, one of my fellow bloggers, wrote a post about their visit to Violet Hill B&B in historic Natchitoches, LA.  I’m sad that we didn’t get to meet and talk but maybe next time. Please visit her blog and say hi maybe you will vicariously enjoy her vacation. 🙂

This week my two nieces will be visiting while they are on vacation from school. Lots of cards and games will be played at the kitchen table. Good times.

While visiting Tres Bien Antiques I was asked to see what I could do to make this Lane Chest look a little better. I loved the lines of it and it is a very solid, nice chest. It had only had about six paint makeovers, one thick layer over another thick layer six times.

Lane Chest before painting

No, the putty knife is not defying gravity, I have the chest lying on its back. 🙂 Unfortunately, the last coat was flaking and on the legs all the layers of paint was pealing off down to the bare wood. I thought it was going to be relatively easy to take care of. I tested for lead then got to work. I thought that after I sanded down the flaking paint I could start painting. WRONG.

Lane Chest sanded top

The plan was to only take off the flaking paint and then add Annie Sloan. However, the white paint then decided it didn’t want to be under the wonderful Annie Sloan Chalk Paint either. It literally started pealing off in sheets.

Lane Chest pealing paint on side

We all know that ASCP will adhere to anything, but I did not want to make it pretty just to have the already-pealing paint underneath to take my finish off. So I removed any and all paint that was intimidated by ASCP and wanted to leave. I got my inspiration from Shauna West.

chalk paint | painted furniture | how to paint furniture | perfectly imperfect

Annie Sloan Coco was the color for this chest, however, I had forgotten how much I had already used so I added one part Pure White. I then painted the drawers Pure White and added dark wax all over. Please don’t judge my pooooooor, poooooor, poooooor picture compared to Shauna West’s Perfectly Perfect picture. 🙂

Finished Lane Chest

I changed out the old pulls with chunky wooden ones that I painted. So what do ya think? I think it looks pretty darn good.

Thanks for stopping in. I love the comments so please say hi. See ya next week.

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Say Yes to Custom Painting!

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The other weekend I had a phone call from a couple that had visited Tres Bien Antiques and loved my work but they had just been given a bedroom suit and wanted to know if I did custom paint work. Of course, I said “YES” and as they say “the rest is history”. When we met, we looked at each other and said “I know you”.  As it turns out over the years their family have been clients of our family business and I had been a client of their’s as well. It is a small world.

The bedroom was painted a pretty color so they chose Annie Sloan’s Old White for the furniture. Here is a picture of it before.

photo (19)photo (17)photo (15)

They have great lines and great potential but they do need a face lift to fit into their beautiful new  home.  I was so happy with how they turned out and thankfully my client was equally pleased. Here is the after.






I stripped and stained the tops of the chest and vanity and used my usual MINWAX dark walnut stain. The stain/paint contrast is so pretty to me. The details look so nice with the distressing to highlight them. The bed turned out so nice as did the chest and vanity.

Thanks for stopping in and don’t forget to say hey ya’ll.

High-Low in Old White

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I am very excited about my buying trip this weekend. I am going to try my hand on a couple of beautiful armoires. I can’t wait!  While I’m on this trip my sister wants me to help her paint…maybe my niece’s bed, night stands, kitchen table, chair, how many hours are in a weekend? So note to self, “don’t forget the brushes and other tools!”. 🙂  Then Monday, if everyone else’s week went okay, I will start my clients kitchen!!! YAY!!! That will be my largest project as of yet.

So this week I have completed the high-low vanity that goes with the coco bed. Here’s a before picture and the stool is not part of it.

I didn’t finish it in Annie Sloan’s Coco because I wanted it to be stand-alone piece if needed. I know I’m probably being a bore going with Old White but I didn’t use the dark wax and I can’t help it, I love, love, love the look of this color with distressing. It is such a classic look you just can’t go wrong with.  Let me tell you this is one SOLID vanity. The tri-fold mirror alone feels like it weighs 50 pounds, then the vanity itself weighs a TON and that’s without the drawers!

I was really undecided about painting the inside of the drawers because they were such a pretty wood, but there were enough imperfections, scratches really from years of use,  that I decided to go ahead and paint them.  This is where I put my pop of color.

I tried to take the pulls off but on the last refinish they must have varnished them to the drawers. They are beautiful and I was afraid I would break them if I pried them off. So I painted them. I didn’t like the shiny metal that showed through after sanding to distress. So, I wet a cloth and rubbed them until I had removed enough paint that I was satisfied. I love the dark patina that comes through instead of the bright brassy look.

While I am at my sister’s I will be testing some of the 3M tape that several have commented on that will turn a curve and maybe my dear, wonderful, informative, thoughtful, cute, brother-in-law will give me some of those tips he was telling me about. So until then, thanks for stopping in for a visit, relaxing, and enjoying a cup of coffee or a nice glass of sweet ice tea. Don’t forget to say “Hey y’all”.

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Primitive and Proper POWW

COCO anyone?

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I want to thank everyone that checked out our home town of Natchitoches, Louisiana. So many of you have visited us and some have even been to the Fall Pilgrimage from years past. I loved that all of you let me know how much you enjoyed the post and our little town. And…the Humming birds are gone for this year.

This week I am featuring a beautiful bed that I got from a friend of mine. She and her husband are retiring, down sizing their home and no longer have room for it. So…one phone call later and I snatched this baby up. I also have the matching high-low vanity with tri-fold mirror and armoire that I will show later. I vacillated from painting the bed for a little girls room to something more stately. Stately won. Actually, I had just gotten ASCP™ Coco and really, really, really, wanted to use it so some cute little girl is going to miss out on this bed.

As with a lot of these vintage pieces some of the trim is either missing or broken. I tried to repair this 2″ strip that was missing by matching the size with small dowels but even the smallest was too big. So as I was preparing dinner one night I happened across my kabob skewers and low and behold, symbols started crashing, fireworks started going off and look what I did. Yep, I sanded one side to make it flat…done, stained it…done, glued it,  painted it…done and DONE!!!

As you can see the curve of the foot board is definitely something I wanted to showcase so I experimented painting it a couple of ways.

I thought I wanted the top part of the bed to be white but in doing that the legs also had to be painted white which, to me, was not a good look. So I went with my second plan of painting the small trim inside each panel. Do you know what it takes to tape off all of that? I have read where people will just hop in their cars to go purchase the coveted Frog™ tape, but I live an hour away from any Home Depot or Lowe’s. I had regular blue painter’s tape which, to me, works just as well as long as the edges are sealed. Okay to tell the truth, I have never even used Frog™ tape so I don’t know which works better, YET. What I really want in a tape is one that will bend with the curves cuz tearing 1″ strips to make  the curve is exasperating not to mention time consuming!!!! Give me a tape that will curve when needed and I will hop in my car and drive the hour to get it in a heart beat!!!

I also experimented with distressing, but again, I loved the crispness of the look without distressing. I can see this bed with white-on-white bedding. I love the Coco color with the Old White accent. I found the bedroom below on Little Inspirations to inspire imaginations for this beautiful bed.

So here it is, minus, of course, the beautiful bedding shown above.

Here are a few more views.

So what about it…blue painter’s tape or Frog™ tape? I am curious to see if driving an hour is worth it or not. Please let me know whether you feel all the hoopla about Frog™ tape is all that or not.

Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to say “Hey ya’ll”.

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Goodbye Birdie and a Sideboard.

Hey ya’ll and welcome back,

My mom is having empty nest syndrome…it’s the time of year that her Humming birds leave. We sit at her kitchen table and watch them as they dash…eat, hover…eat, guard…eat, fight…and then eat some more. The middle of October is the time they usually fly to warmer weather and so every morning, afternoon and evening, okay pretty much every hour of the day, she looks to see if her “little birds” are still around. She worries that their little tummies wont be full enough for their long flight so she keeps the feeders full with fresh food so there will be a “filling” station for those that are still here and those that have already started their journey.

On my first “mad woman” buying spree I stumbled upon a beautiful sideboard and surprise, surprise, surprise, they just happened to have the matching table with six chairs. I, of course, was a happy camper. But for this post I am only featuring the sideboard.

As you can see, again, my first picture is after I have started the project, but I think you can get a basic idea of what it looks like. It has so many wonderful details that I can’t decide what to show first. So we will start with the top and move on down to the legs. I did my usual strip and staining of the top. You all know I ONLY use MINWAX™ stain and dark walnut is the usual go-to color choice. I love the rich dark color in contrast to the paint and many times that is the color we have stained the floors so it really looks nice. I started to strip and stain the back scroll band of wood but the “OMG” factor just wasn’t there. After painting it…well a picture says a thousand words.

I have seen many sideboards comparable to this one painted some very pretty colors that are very eye catching. However, for me, when there is a lot of detail I love, love, love simplicity of color.  My go-to color on this is Old White with optional dark wax. The color is not the first thing I want noticed, the color is a complement of the detail.

The carving above the doors and on the top drawer was almost invisible before but now that’s one of the first things your eyes are drawn to.

The center part of that carving is a drawer with dividers for silverware. I replaced the existing felt with new. I also painted the inside of the drawers a flat latex matched to Duck Egg Blue. Two of the pulls had broken so, once again, I had to hunt for new ones. I didn’t like the color of them so I searched for oil rubbed bronze and made them all pretty thanks to Michael’s™ and Krylon™.  Here are more details.

As we move on down to the legs…well they just speak for themselves.

Hopefully sometime soon you will be seeing the table and chairs to complete this set or as individual pieces. This sideboard would make anyone’s home beautiful no matter where she is placed.

Once again, thanks so much for stopping by and I  hope you enjoyed this as much as I did, don’t forget to say “Hey ya’ll”.

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Dresser turned Vanity

Hey ya’ll and welcome back,

This is a busy time for historic Natchitoches, LA because of  the annual Fall Pilgrimage Tour of Homes that includes locals dressing in attire of that time period. Natchitoches was settled in 1714 and has some beautiful homes from the early 1800’s.  From now until the first of the year there will be people from all over the world visiting this quaint little town.

I am so excited about my post this week. My brother and I are working with a client that asked me to find a piece to be turned into a vanity for her upstairs bathroom. The requirements were that it could not be more than 33″ tall and it needed to be at least 60″ long. I found several beautiful pieces, but unless you wanted the vessel sink to be chin level they wouldn’t work.

I found a beautiful dresser that met all the needed requirements. I was going to have all my ducks in a row on this post and have my pictures taken but the ducks had other plans. So I have joined the ranks of EVERYONE else whose ducks won’t cooperate. My first picture is after I had taken the drawers out and was ready to start stripping the top.

The dresser came with glass that had been cut to fit its curvy curves so the top was in very good condition. I was able to sand it without having to strip it. I then stained it with MINWAX™ dark walnut.  MINWAX™ is the only stain we have used for decades in our business of refinishing hardwood floors.  We modified the center drawers creating fake fronts to accommodate the plumbing. The center inside was now open for the plumbing. I left the top to be cut by the plumber as he would have the template for the vessel sink.

The choice of color was Old White with dark wax. I thinned the dark wax with Mineral Spirits before applying it and I loved the texture of it and it was very easy to work with.

I am very pleased that this will not  be the last time you see this beautiful vanity as our client has agreed to a reveal of her home when she has moved in. We will be showcasing her floors, kitchen, and both bathrooms.

Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to say “Hey ya’ll.” Why not check out our town of Natchitoches and plan a visit.

Update:  This dresser has been sold!

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Chalkboard Sideboard

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This week I started a sideboard that…well… let’s just say was wearing the WRONG  makeup.  Her beauty was lost  under a red shiny finish that was like tons of the wrong color makeup on dew-like skin.  It was hard to even decide how to help because I couldn’t get past the hideous finish. When I first saw her she was without the top portion because the mirror had been broken. We found it in the back room, put it on, and I knew I was going to rescue her and make her beautiful. She sat for a month before I could decide on her beauty treatment.

After dismissing every decision I thought of I finally came up with her make over. I decided she needed a chalkboard instead of a mirror and I wanted her to be ASCP™ Versailles. This color was popular in the Natchitoches area when it was settled in the 1700s and would be stunning in any home today. I also stripped and stained the top dark walnut.

While visiting Kelli in June I watched her make a chalkboard using a picture frame and applying the chalkboard paint to the glass. I knew that would not be an option for me so I searched for the perfect tool to use. A smooth surface is needed and birch wood can be used. Because the surface has to be primed before it becomes a chalkboard I decided to get a sheet of marker board and eliminate one step. It worked perfectly and is as smooth as a baby’s bottom. Next, a jigsaw and I had a party cutting it into an oval. After it was cut I pulled out the handy orbital sander, smoothed the edges that allowed a perfect fit. Power tools? intimidation? not for this steel magnolia.

My trusty photographer, Kelli, went home to Long Island so please suffer with me until I get the hang of taking the perfect picture.

I warned you about the terrible pictures but not about my terrible handwriting. But enough about that..isn’t she beautiful? As much as I love Versailles I equally love Barcelona orange. So I found an oops paint that couldn’t have been more perfect for the inside.

So here are a few pictures of her details.

Here she is in Tres Bien Antiques in historic downtown Natchitoches, Louisiana. Look for my post coming soon about our exciting move into Tres Bien Antiques.

Thanks for stopping by. I love to read and respond to your comments and don’t forget to say “Hey ya’ll”.

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