GREAT-GREAT Grandma’s Trunk

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Even though it has been a couple of weeks since I posted anything it doesn’t mean I haven’t been working. For those of you that follow me on Face Book you know I am starting SouthScape Designs Vintage Rentals. I have been meeting with wedding planners on their scheduled events, and networking like crazy. I have found some wonderful items to add to my inventory that I am very excited about. So keep up as I continue posting my inventory. Whiskey barrels are some of my finds! YAY!!! The full ones are rare, at least where I live. 🙂

So the project I completed is this long-awaited “domed” trunk. This trunk belonged to the great-great grandmother of my client. Yes that was two greats! She was born in the late 1800s! This chest has been in the family ever since…and believe me you can tell it. It was headed to the trash when it was saved by my client. She asked me if I could do anything with it and I just said I have never done anything remotely like it before but I will give it a try. So be prepared I have lots of pictures. I will attempt to give you as much of a tutorial as possible on the process. So this is what I started with.


As you can see the metal part was a tetanus shot waiting to happen.


Wow, if this chest could talk huh?! The stories it would tell. So originally I was going to remove the metal from the outside and recover it, then build a shell for the inside, however, it just didn’t make sense to remove and insert when a new bottom would be so much easier. So this is how I decided to start this project.


My brother and I measured the inside of the lid and cut the wood. One thing you need to remember is when you measure the front and sides you need to determine if the front measurement will be the full length or if the front will butt up to the side so the side edge will become part of the front measurement. I know that sounds crazy but one side has to be “on top”, if you will, so you can nail it. I then cut braces and nailed them in. You can see the wood glue where I sealed the bottom. I used 3/8″ plywood instead of 1/2″ plywood, because it was so heavy that I was afraid that it would take three people to move it.


I then started to wrap the box with the metal. I ordered the brass nail/tacks to use.


After I wrapped it I then nailed the wood slats back on and wrapped the corners to cover the edges of the slats. For that part of the metal I folded over about 1/2″ to create a nonsharp edge much like you would do when wrapping a present to conceal the raw edge of the paper. I then cut a strip to wrap over the top to edge and inside the box. I did all of this to replicate the original piece.  Next I spray painted it to match the top, which was brown. I’m sorry I couldn’t find the pictures of that.  My client wanted music sheets to line it with. Remind me to never do that again. 🙂 It wasn’t that bad I guess, but the domed lid with extremely old crinkled wood doesn’t make this job easy. Then with all of the angles that I put in the base from the bracing, it really was a challenge. Good ole Dan Fogerty music.


“Baby I love your way every day….” ahem…sorry about that I was lost in the song.  Haha, betcha gonna have that song stuck in your head now.


So now comes the painting part of it. Old White with dark wax was the color of choice. Because this trunk had been in the home over 100 years with people who smoked I knew there would be a lot of tar that would leach out. I have never found anything that would stop this from happening. I did not want to damage the rich patina on the lid by sanding to distress, which was the desired look, so I decided to dry brush first.


It almost looks like a shadow but I wanted to start with a light hand before I put on too much just to take it off again. I let this alone for a couple of days to see what color it would turn after the tar started to leached out. It almost looked like I had applied the dark wax. I knew I couldn’t finish the bottom until I knew the color the top would be as I needed to age the base to match the top. I covered the base with a towel and beat it with a clump of concrete off an old brick to get a “scattered” beaten look to help the “aged” look. So here is the finished product.


There were no handles so rope was chosen to replace the old leather ones.


I tried to use as much of the old hardware as possible. The medallion in the center of the lid is one I  had to replace. I ordered new hinges for the back and the locks for the front, but I was not able to use them because I could not remove them from the lid. I am really glad that I was able to make the old ones work because it helped meld the look of the new with the old.



Well that’s it. I hope it did “bring tears to your mom’s eyes” to see it. Happy tears that is. Really the pictures do not do it justice.

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Cooled Down Red Hot Chair

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I know everyone that loves flowers are enjoying this Spring. Mom’s Iris’s and Amaryllis are absolutely beautiful. And…you know the Humming Birds are back. Mom has her usual seat at the kitchen table watching them. 🙂

Amaryllis 2013

Mom's Iris's 2013

This week I finally got to this chair that my long-time client has been very patiently waiting on. They stumbled on it and bought it for $10. It is one of those chairs that you either go all the way with it, stripping years of paint off, or just giving it a nice easy  face seat lift. I did caulk it some but it made no difference, sanding drips and chipping paint, again no difference and that’s when I knew it would take more work required than anyone wanted invested in it.

W/Ts red chair

You can see the upside down drips in paint on the back of the chair that absolutely would NOT sand out, the cracks and loose joints that could not be tightened because of so many coats of paint on the screws, etc. You get the picture, literally. 🙂

My clients wanted the chair to sit next to a Hoosier I had previously painted and Old White was the color chosen with dark wax. The first coat of paint really changed the look of the chair and by the time I put the dark wax on it you didn’t even see the upside down drips.

Red chair/Old White chair finished

WOW what a difference! Project complete!

Red chair seat finished

Red Chair seat finished

I love the details that show with the dark wax. All the layers of old paint brush marks really give the dark wax something to grab hold of.

Red chair seat finished

I sacrificed one of the Tiger Lily’s for the picture. This is going to look fantastic next to the Hoosier.

Thanks for stopping in for the visit and don’t forget to say hi! FYI I have started working on that “domed chest” some of you might remember me talking about in an earlier post. I can’t wait to show you the transformation!

French Hutch in Old White

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We have had quite a bit of rain down here in my country and I took a drive down to Black Lake about 20 miles from my house. There are some very pretty places on this lake, but I am extremely afraid of snakes, cotton mouth and copper head snakes are rampant in areas like this. I thought I would share this picture I took.

Black Lake

Last week I showed you French Provincial table and chairs that I gave an updated look to and did my first upholstery job on. This week I  have  the hutch. It had the same yellowish finish with those black spots in the finish to give it some type of antique look I guess. I painted it Old White and I put a dark wax glaze on it. Here is the before…

E's hutch before

Here are some details and then I will show you the finish.

E's hutch single door


E's hutch top detail

And here is the hutch completed. It really has a new, fresh look.

E's hutch in Old White

If you look at last weeks post I gave some tips on the application of dark wax/glaze. I hope you enjoyed this weeks project. Each week brings something new and interesting for me and I hope for those that are looking for it you will find it too. 🙂

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French Table and Chairs

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I guess I’m one of those people who can’t seem to follow through all the way with all of my “tech stuff”. While at Kelli’s my Ipad was giving me some trouble so I took it into an Apple Store. They were not able to correct the problem so I was given a new one. BUT…I would lose all my pictures on the old one. “No prob” I said….”I linked to my laptop and downloaded all my pictures so I have it covered.” Well…the rest of the story is that I had NOT done what ever I was supposed to have done to make all of that happen so needless to say all my pictures of jobs that I had completed and would write posts on are now yea, you got it, LOST! That’s what happened last week and I was so frustrated with my self that I just threw the towel in for that week.

But this is another day and another job. We have been blasted with floor work and in the middle of all that I got a phone call. This sweet lady was referred to me by Tres Bien Antiques for an update to her French Provincial table and chairs. She also wanted the chairs recovered. Well…this was something that I had never done except in helping Kelli with her dining room chairs. But these were a lot more complicated. Miss Mustard Seed has given me super powers because I said “Yes I will recover them for you.” This is the old look.

E's chair before

This chair has the finish with the dots and it had a yellow look. The yellow is what she wanted changed so I painted them Old White and applied dark wax thinned down to a glaze. I wanted to “lighten” the color of the dark wax so the glaze would not be as dark so here is a tip.

TIP: To lighten the dark wax color mix clear wax with it. It totally gave me the color I was looking for. Here is another tip.

TIP: When I clean my dark wax brush I save the mineral spirits in an empty wax can. I use this to thin the  dark wax to make my glazes. 

I have no pictures of my recovering the chairs, I was so engrossed into the making the pattern, covering the piping, sewing and fitting to the chairs that no pictures were taken. 😦

E's captain's chair back view

This is the back of one of the chairs showing the reupholstered seat. I think it looks pretty darn good. Especially for my first time.

Here’s the table before. The apron and base were different colors because over the years the color had faded.

E's table after

Here are the after pictures.


E's table/chairs afterIt all looks so much cleaner and softer. I love the way they turned out. Next week I will share the hutch I painted to match this dining room set.

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Emperor’s Silk Builtin Bookcase

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Most of you know I am at my daughter’s on Long Island. I just have to tell you this is what I left at home…Japanese Magnolias in full bloom.

Jap Magnolias …and this is what I came to…

Snow in K's back yard

WOW! Both are beautiful in their own right and I love that I can have both. 🙂 My time here is fast coming to an end though…WAY TOOOOOO FAST! Ah well…..

This week I will be featuring my next home reveal. YAY!!! I am very excited about this because my client has such wonderful balance of decor in her home, from country to modern, from old to new. It all seems to work so well together and complements each other instead of one overwhelming the other. Their home is on the beautiful Cane River that runs through Natchitoches, LA. This river is really a huge lake that was made after Red River changed its course and left this lake. This is “the” Red River that starts in the Texas Panhandle and flows over 1,000 miles down to our little town of Natchitoches.

We initially installed hardwood floors in their home approximately three to four years ago. The floors are oak with hand-beveled edges. I say hand beveled because we beveled each and every board, they were not factory done. The boards differed in widths from three, four and five inches. This along with the beveled edges really added to the custom look. They were stained with MINWAX English Walnut and finished with a satin oil-based polyurethane.  They recently added an addition to enlarge their master bedroom suite. This included adding another bath, HUGE-DREAMY-custom closet, laundry room, and wonderful home office. This addition also included a built-in bookcase on one side of their fireplace in the living area. This bookcase is what I will be featuring this week.

She wanted the bookcase to look like two pieces of furniture so she chose the top part to be Old White with dark wax. The TV was to go in the center with two glass-door-enclosed sides with adjustable shelving. The doors had fluted trim with corbels on top.

My client loves red and it is a color used in her decor all through her home so the bottom color was Emperor’s Silk distressed to Arles. I had been wanting to paint with Emperor’s Silk and Arles for soooooo long and now I have the chance. I was so excited that my clients had been choosing the very colors I wanted to use.

B's full bookcaseThe red and white pulls were installed with the colors of the pulls being opposite the painted color.  The red pulls on the Old White and the white pulls on the Emperor’s Silk.

B's Side case with lights

B's O/W bookcase corbel

B's bookcase door pull

B's b/c fluted trim in ES

B's b/c in ES door pull

You can see the dark wax in the bead board. It is so pretty.

I have several other things I love in her home that I want to share with you. The antique doors that led into her new master bath were purchased in Lafayette, LA. Because the floors were stained she wanted to leave the doors in their natural state.

B's b/r doors

B's entrance to m b/r suite

The next great thing I want to share is the light fixture in the laundry room. Can you see what it is?

B's l/r light fixture

Door knob plates! I’m not sure about ya’ll but I haven’t ever seen this before! I love this mixture of old and new. Here are the shutter doors she bought to go into this room and also her custom closet.                                                                                                                                            

B's shutter doors

Ahhhh…those beautiful oak floors.

So what do you think? If you have enjoyed this just wait until next week when you see her master bath.

Thank you so much for stopping in and sharing our southern homes and don’t forget to say hi.

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OMG ASCP Bathroom Reveal

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I want to make sure Chelsey Frederick gets credit for all her hard work in taking the pictures for this post and the next two weeks. Chelsey is a junior at Northwestern State University in Natchitoches, LA and photographs the animals for Hope for Paws. Thanks Chelsey!

This week I have the second half of my clients home to reveal. Last week was her amazing kitchen now it’s two of her bathrooms. My brother was working on her home installing the wood floors when he saw her trying to strip the top of an old cabinet that she wanted to use in her bathroom as a vanity. She found out real fast, as we all do, that she did not want to tackle that job. So he loaded it and brought it home to me. This was the first thing I would do for her. I did not do a post on this cabinet so I can’t link you to anything for more detail. But I will show you a before picture. I had to repair a crack in the door on the bottom.

L's before vanity d/s

This is it when I delivered it.

L's vanity on delivery

I painted it Paris Grey with dark wax.  The center part of the drawer was removed to allow room for the plumbing of the vessel sink which created two narrow drawers on each side. I also painted the inside of the cabinet and drawer a pretty red. I stained the stripped oak wood with MINWAX dark walnut which is what we stained the floors with.

L's cab

L's vanity d/s w/red drawer

This sink was so pretty. It was brown with carvings/grooves cut that revealed a grey color with the inside of the bowl also being grey. It was the perfect sink for this grey-with-dark-wax vanity.

L's d/s vessel on vanity

L's rose on d/s vanity

L's chandelier d/s b/r

The shower was grey marble and had a natural linen curtain that hung from the ceiling and pooled on the floor. She has some amazing light fixtures in her home.  The mirror was the width of the vanity and was between five to six feet tall with a beautiful dark wood frame.

The upstairs bathroom has a completely different feel to it. I will show you with the pictures and describe it as we go.

L's landing

This picture really shows how pretty the floors are.

L's u/s vanity

To get the detail on the dresser turned vanity you can click here.

L's u/s vanity w/vessel sink

L's u/s tub

To the left of this great claw-foot tub there is a toilet and bedet.

L's u/s b/r chandelier

L's u/s mirror

Well there you have it. My first home reveal. What do ya think? 🙂 As always thanks so much for stopping in and don’t forget to say Hi!

Please stay in touch because I will have another home reveal over the next two weeks.

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Hoo Hooo Hoooosier Cabinet

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First of all I would like to thank everyone that visited last week and commented on the post and also by email. I have had so many requests for a picture of the barn-door headboard completed with the bed. While delivering this headboard I asked my client if I could get a picture of the bed after it was finished and YES it will happen! Please look for it in the coming weeks. IT IS BEAUTIFUL! And…her  husband now has the “vision” too. 🙂

So remember the bedroom suit with the tiger design? remember the barley twist table with the four chairs? remember…oh yea this “remember” is for this week’s post. Here is another wonderful piece from my very special client for you to remember. Yes it is a Hoosier cabinet. This type of cabinet has been made from the early 1900’s and almost all of these cabinets were produced by companies located in Indiana. If you’re wondering why they are called “Hoosier’s” its mainly because the largest of these companies was Hoosier Manufacturing Co. of New Castle, Indiana.

This is what I started with. Not bad huh? There were some issues with the veneer on a couple of the panels and after that was repaired it was my turn.

Hoosier before

Here is the inspiration from Pottery Barn. They loved the different colors peaking through on the panels. Can you see all the colors?

Pottery Barn Inspiration

Initially, my client wanted Antibes but a softer green like the inspiration above. I mixed Annie Sloan’s Cream, Pure White and Antibes and had the match when they decided to use straight Antibes. If you have painted with this color you know that it can be very intense and was a bold decision on a piece this large. The Pottery Barn console looked to have used three colors. So, three colors are what I used too. First, I painted the whole cabinet with Greek Blue. I painted the whole cabinet instead of the distress points, because I  had no idea where those distress points were going to be. Second, was Old White and thirdly, Antibes. The panels were painted Old White again. TIP: If you don’t have any Old White, four parts Pure White and one part Cream makes a perfect Old White!

The distressing on this piece, I have to say, was well beyond my comfort zone!   I first handled the cabinets as if I were using it to find where my hands would naturally go to and that’s how I started the initial distressing. I sanded then let it get cold. I would come back to it and sand some more! After I had a starting point with this technique I then started the all-over sanding process. I used a sanding block, the kind you add your own paper to, because I wanted to control the grit of paper. The grain of the wood then took a life of it’s own and developed it’s own “worn” look.

Funky Hoosier

I had fun with this first picture by using a “funky vintage” look. Cool huh? Okay, here’s the original.

Pic untouched

I loved the built-in chopping board. I did show a lot more of the Greek Blue than the inspiration, but while sanding the drawer, WOW!…it just looked perfect!

Hoosier Drawers

The edges of the doors were well worn and I love the way they distressed. The latch was originally put on crooked and I left it that way.

Hoosier door detail

After the distressing was complete I waxed with clear wax then added a dark wax glaze that completed the WOW factor. I watched this piece take on that amazing aged look as I worked.

I could see this cabinet waking up in the morning with the crock bowl and old flour sifter and biscuits being rolled out on the enamel top. The rolling pin belonged to my grandmother. I remember sifting flour as a little girl with the sifter.

Hoosier rolling pin

I had such fun with this piece. I hope everyone that see’s this post enjoyed it as much as I have in creating it.

Thanks for stopping in for a visit and don’t forget to say hi.

Vintage Lane Chest

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I guess I just can’t help it. Call me ridiculous, soppy, or just plain silly, but I got so excited this week when Ellen, one of my fellow bloggers, wrote a post about their visit to Violet Hill B&B in historic Natchitoches, LA.  I’m sad that we didn’t get to meet and talk but maybe next time. Please visit her blog and say hi maybe you will vicariously enjoy her vacation. 🙂

This week my two nieces will be visiting while they are on vacation from school. Lots of cards and games will be played at the kitchen table. Good times.

While visiting Tres Bien Antiques I was asked to see what I could do to make this Lane Chest look a little better. I loved the lines of it and it is a very solid, nice chest. It had only had about six paint makeovers, one thick layer over another thick layer six times.

Lane Chest before painting

No, the putty knife is not defying gravity, I have the chest lying on its back. 🙂 Unfortunately, the last coat was flaking and on the legs all the layers of paint was pealing off down to the bare wood. I thought it was going to be relatively easy to take care of. I tested for lead then got to work. I thought that after I sanded down the flaking paint I could start painting. WRONG.

Lane Chest sanded top

The plan was to only take off the flaking paint and then add Annie Sloan. However, the white paint then decided it didn’t want to be under the wonderful Annie Sloan Chalk Paint either. It literally started pealing off in sheets.

Lane Chest pealing paint on side

We all know that ASCP will adhere to anything, but I did not want to make it pretty just to have the already-pealing paint underneath to take my finish off. So I removed any and all paint that was intimidated by ASCP and wanted to leave. I got my inspiration from Shauna West.

chalk paint | painted furniture | how to paint furniture | perfectly imperfect

Annie Sloan Coco was the color for this chest, however, I had forgotten how much I had already used so I added one part Pure White. I then painted the drawers Pure White and added dark wax all over. Please don’t judge my pooooooor, poooooor, poooooor picture compared to Shauna West’s Perfectly Perfect picture. 🙂

Finished Lane Chest

I changed out the old pulls with chunky wooden ones that I painted. So what do ya think? I think it looks pretty darn good.

Thanks for stopping in. I love the comments so please say hi. See ya next week.

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Texas Table

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I have been pumped this whole week working and completing my first kitchen. I told my client that I could commit the perfect crime because I have no finger prints left. 🙂 I have completely sanded them off from distressing the cabinets.   Believe me when I say the sand paper that is between your fingers and the wood sandboth ways.  My brother, after the fact, said “Well sis just tape your fingers and that wont happen”. DUH!!! It’s just that simple…but that information was supposed to come to me before I started not after. 🙂 TIP: Tape your finger tips before sanding. I did tape them and it made a huge difference.

This week I want to show you a table that I finished for my sister the same weekend I started the remake of  Tori’s room. It was given to them and had a very rustic look. It had great potential and would prove that with the help of some ASCP Chateau Gray and dark wax. I love this color. It is not a gray, it is a green.

You can see the knots in the wood and the dents and dings on the top increases the rustic look, but the design of the apron and the curve of the legs are lost. Until….

WOW!!! It looks GREAT!!! Everything about this table has softened yet still has the chunky, rustic feel to it. The knots in the wood are wonderful and look at that leg! In true Texas tradition along with the skin rug here she is now.


Top of Kristi's tableCorner of Kristi's table

I think it looks wonderful and so does all the Texas fam. Tori has a vintage dresser added to her room makeover and hopefully I will have pics of it soon.

I have another sneak peak of the kitchen I just completed. After the first of the year I will have a complete reveal of her home.

Lisa's island

Thanks for stopping in for the visit and don’t forget to say “hey yall”.

Wrought Iron…or is it?

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This week has been a little hectic. I will get to the purpose of this post in a second.  But first my parents had to repair a faucet under their carport which required the removing of  one row of brick down to the concrete floor. Never in our wildest dreams would we have thought a one-month-old kitten would go exploring inside the wall. There was only about two inches of space between the brick and the black boarding. She was about 18″ to the right of where the faucet was and there was NO getting her out. I had to get a mirror and flash light to even see her. Mom heard her at one time but thought nothing about it. Seven hours later we realized that this kitten was in the wall. So my 81-year-old dad told me to start cutting under the sink. I sawed through the back wood, sheet rock, insulation, and then the black board only to realize that I was too far to the left. Another hole was cut but a 2×4 blocked me. Another hole was cut and thankfully it was just to her right and I was able to pull her out. Believe me that was not they way I wanted to spend two hours of my evening. She has now adopted me as her mom. She follows me everywhere. So cute.

“Boots” is her name now because those boots took her walking…in all the wrong places.

So back to business.  I love wrought iron. For those of you that have been to New Orleans and have seen the beauty of the wrought iron railing and fences you understand why we love it. Front street and both bridges are all decked out with wrought iron in Natchitoches too.

Front street in Natchitoches, Louisiana

So you can understand that when I was visiting Sharon, an ASCP™ stockist at La Petite Maison in Monroe, Louisiana, and saw what she had done to a shiny brass chandelier I had to try my hand at this.

Sharon’s chandelier at La Petite Maison, ASCP stockist

Amazing isn’t it?! So I had a mirror that I wanted to try this on. As a side note when you look at this picture you will see that I did get the blue painter’s tape to turn the curve of the mirror!!! But more on that later.

I used two coats of  Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Graphite and then dark wax only just as instructed and….drum roll….

So what do you think? Does Graphite and dark wax give the look of wrought iron? I think it looks pretty darn good myself, but that’s my opinion, please let me know what you think. Should I repeat this on another pretty piece or not?

Thanks for stopping in and visiting and don’t forget to say “Hey ya’ll”. Before you leave you might want to check out what Kelli is doing, she is on fire with her painting and can’t keep anything more than a few hours before she has sold it. You go girl!!!

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