OMG!!! An ASCP Kitchen Reveal!

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I am so excited about this post. I have been waiting for it for so long and it is finally here. Kelli suggested that I contact a photography class to see if there would be any eager students that would like to take on the challenge of taking the pictures for me. So before I start I have to give a shout out to the Director of Art Department at Northwestern State University in Natchitoches, LA for directing my email to the professor of Photography. He chose Chelsey Frederick to help. Chelsey is a junior and photographs the animals for Hope for Paws. Thanks Chelsey!

The first home I want to share is an old home that was gutted and had additions added on. So the first thing we my brother did was install hardwood floors. After installing and sanding the hardwood floors it was time to stain with MINWAX dark walnut and then three coats of satin oil-based polyurethane. BEAUTIFUL!

As we were working on the floors our client started talking about her kitchen and how she would LOVE to have it finished but couldn’t find anyone that could paint it with “that distressed look”. When she left I said to my brother “you KNOW what I want to do don’t you?” He said “yea…I know what you want to do”. 🙂 But………so far……..I had been the only one really excited about ASCP. After talking about it we decided that we would do the kitchen if our clients wanted it too. So I whipped out my IPAD, showed our client my work and they said YES!

I first stained all the areas that I wanted to distress. On new cabinets you also have a LOT of holes to fill, which isn’t hard it’s just time consuming. Then the painting started.

L's unfinished cabs w/stain

Pure White was the color chosen distressed back to the stained wood.  The cabinets had a lot of detail that the distressing really complemented. The ASCP brush worked quite well when painting the dental molding. ASCP brushes are made for the stippling motion as it doesn’t destroy the natural bristles. I knocked those out in no time compared to the time it took with a regular paint brush. After painting two coats of Pure White, I waxed with clear wax, left it to dry overnight, the next day I buffed, waxed and then buffed again the following day.

L's Kitchen

Absolutely beautiful!!! Our client had a custom armoire built to cover her refrigerator. We stained it with MINWAX dark walnut also.

L's refrigerator armoire

Poche’s Wood Specialties, LLC

In the next picture you can see the pretty floors. There is a seamless transition from new floors to the almost 100 year-old floors. MINWAX stain is wonderful in helping the color transition.


The island was painted Paris Grey with dark wax. The granite is black and white with sparse strains of red running through it and has a triple-pencil edge that was hand buffed. Looking into the kitchen on the right side of the island you will see the two bar stools. On one end there is an antique tea cart. On the side of the sink the island has a warming drawer, storage and a trash can. Across from the stove there is a microwave drawer and more storage.

Warmer drawer

Island details

On each side of the stove there is fluted trim that conceals an upright drawer that pulls out spice racks. The tradition in this family is to have a mirror above the stove.

L's red stove Above the beautiful red stove was a mantle with storage above. This picture shows the pretty corbels and dental molding. I love the distressing.

Stove mantle

The cabinet below the sink looks like a piece of furniture with the wonderful curvy legs.

L's kitchen sink view

Across from the refrigerator there was a small wall with cabinets above and a small desk-style counter. The counter top was extended to the window and braced with two spindles that were begging to be distressed.

On the ceiling there is a load-bearing beam where the new kitchen was added to the old part of the house. This beam was already painted white, but my client wanted to have it wrapped with reclaimed wood but it was not to be so the next best thing was to paint it Coco then Pure White and distressed. It was amazing how something so simple changed the look of the room. It looked so good with the finish of the cabinets.

L's kitchen beam

Here are some detailed pictures.


I love the swan chandelier.

Swan chandelier

Island detail

Counter top view

The chopping block was handed down to her. It had been painted red but she stripped the paint off. The pig is a cool touch.

L's kitchen chopping block

So there it is my first kitchen. I have shared the kitchen this week. Next week I will share the two bathrooms.

I want to thank my clients sooooo much for allowing me to share their home with y’all. Please if you like it give me a shout out so I can pass it along to them. Also, if you have ANY questions about what you see please let me know, if I have the answers i will share them with you.

Before I leave I want to give a shout out to Poche’s Wood Specialties, LLC ( for doing such a great job on the cabinets. Give Burt a “like” on facebook and see some of his other work.

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Vintage Lane Chest

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I guess I just can’t help it. Call me ridiculous, soppy, or just plain silly, but I got so excited this week when Ellen, one of my fellow bloggers, wrote a post about their visit to Violet Hill B&B in historic Natchitoches, LA.  I’m sad that we didn’t get to meet and talk but maybe next time. Please visit her blog and say hi maybe you will vicariously enjoy her vacation. 🙂

This week my two nieces will be visiting while they are on vacation from school. Lots of cards and games will be played at the kitchen table. Good times.

While visiting Tres Bien Antiques I was asked to see what I could do to make this Lane Chest look a little better. I loved the lines of it and it is a very solid, nice chest. It had only had about six paint makeovers, one thick layer over another thick layer six times.

Lane Chest before painting

No, the putty knife is not defying gravity, I have the chest lying on its back. 🙂 Unfortunately, the last coat was flaking and on the legs all the layers of paint was pealing off down to the bare wood. I thought it was going to be relatively easy to take care of. I tested for lead then got to work. I thought that after I sanded down the flaking paint I could start painting. WRONG.

Lane Chest sanded top

The plan was to only take off the flaking paint and then add Annie Sloan. However, the white paint then decided it didn’t want to be under the wonderful Annie Sloan Chalk Paint either. It literally started pealing off in sheets.

Lane Chest pealing paint on side

We all know that ASCP will adhere to anything, but I did not want to make it pretty just to have the already-pealing paint underneath to take my finish off. So I removed any and all paint that was intimidated by ASCP and wanted to leave. I got my inspiration from Shauna West.

chalk paint | painted furniture | how to paint furniture | perfectly imperfect

Annie Sloan Coco was the color for this chest, however, I had forgotten how much I had already used so I added one part Pure White. I then painted the drawers Pure White and added dark wax all over. Please don’t judge my pooooooor, poooooor, poooooor picture compared to Shauna West’s Perfectly Perfect picture. 🙂

Finished Lane Chest

I changed out the old pulls with chunky wooden ones that I painted. So what do ya think? I think it looks pretty darn good.

Thanks for stopping in. I love the comments so please say hi. See ya next week.

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High-Low in Old White

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I am very excited about my buying trip this weekend. I am going to try my hand on a couple of beautiful armoires. I can’t wait!  While I’m on this trip my sister wants me to help her paint…maybe my niece’s bed, night stands, kitchen table, chair, how many hours are in a weekend? So note to self, “don’t forget the brushes and other tools!”. 🙂  Then Monday, if everyone else’s week went okay, I will start my clients kitchen!!! YAY!!! That will be my largest project as of yet.

So this week I have completed the high-low vanity that goes with the coco bed. Here’s a before picture and the stool is not part of it.

I didn’t finish it in Annie Sloan’s Coco because I wanted it to be stand-alone piece if needed. I know I’m probably being a bore going with Old White but I didn’t use the dark wax and I can’t help it, I love, love, love the look of this color with distressing. It is such a classic look you just can’t go wrong with.  Let me tell you this is one SOLID vanity. The tri-fold mirror alone feels like it weighs 50 pounds, then the vanity itself weighs a TON and that’s without the drawers!

I was really undecided about painting the inside of the drawers because they were such a pretty wood, but there were enough imperfections, scratches really from years of use,  that I decided to go ahead and paint them.  This is where I put my pop of color.

I tried to take the pulls off but on the last refinish they must have varnished them to the drawers. They are beautiful and I was afraid I would break them if I pried them off. So I painted them. I didn’t like the shiny metal that showed through after sanding to distress. So, I wet a cloth and rubbed them until I had removed enough paint that I was satisfied. I love the dark patina that comes through instead of the bright brassy look.

While I am at my sister’s I will be testing some of the 3M tape that several have commented on that will turn a curve and maybe my dear, wonderful, informative, thoughtful, cute, brother-in-law will give me some of those tips he was telling me about. So until then, thanks for stopping in for a visit, relaxing, and enjoying a cup of coffee or a nice glass of sweet ice tea. Don’t forget to say “Hey y’all”.

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Primitive and Proper POWW

COCO anyone?

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I want to thank everyone that checked out our home town of Natchitoches, Louisiana. So many of you have visited us and some have even been to the Fall Pilgrimage from years past. I loved that all of you let me know how much you enjoyed the post and our little town. And…the Humming birds are gone for this year.

This week I am featuring a beautiful bed that I got from a friend of mine. She and her husband are retiring, down sizing their home and no longer have room for it. So…one phone call later and I snatched this baby up. I also have the matching high-low vanity with tri-fold mirror and armoire that I will show later. I vacillated from painting the bed for a little girls room to something more stately. Stately won. Actually, I had just gotten ASCP™ Coco and really, really, really, wanted to use it so some cute little girl is going to miss out on this bed.

As with a lot of these vintage pieces some of the trim is either missing or broken. I tried to repair this 2″ strip that was missing by matching the size with small dowels but even the smallest was too big. So as I was preparing dinner one night I happened across my kabob skewers and low and behold, symbols started crashing, fireworks started going off and look what I did. Yep, I sanded one side to make it flat…done, stained it…done, glued it,  painted it…done and DONE!!!

As you can see the curve of the foot board is definitely something I wanted to showcase so I experimented painting it a couple of ways.

I thought I wanted the top part of the bed to be white but in doing that the legs also had to be painted white which, to me, was not a good look. So I went with my second plan of painting the small trim inside each panel. Do you know what it takes to tape off all of that? I have read where people will just hop in their cars to go purchase the coveted Frog™ tape, but I live an hour away from any Home Depot or Lowe’s. I had regular blue painter’s tape which, to me, works just as well as long as the edges are sealed. Okay to tell the truth, I have never even used Frog™ tape so I don’t know which works better, YET. What I really want in a tape is one that will bend with the curves cuz tearing 1″ strips to make  the curve is exasperating not to mention time consuming!!!! Give me a tape that will curve when needed and I will hop in my car and drive the hour to get it in a heart beat!!!

I also experimented with distressing, but again, I loved the crispness of the look without distressing. I can see this bed with white-on-white bedding. I love the Coco color with the Old White accent. I found the bedroom below on Little Inspirations to inspire imaginations for this beautiful bed.

So here it is, minus, of course, the beautiful bedding shown above.

Here are a few more views.

So what about it…blue painter’s tape or Frog™ tape? I am curious to see if driving an hour is worth it or not. Please let me know whether you feel all the hoopla about Frog™ tape is all that or not.

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