Rental Inventory

YAY!!! I have some exciting news! SouthScape Designs now has a new line of service. We are now offering SouthScape Designs Vintage Rentals. I will be posting pictures of all our beautiful items for rent. We will have items such as three different vintage style and sizes of sideboards, desks, tables, wrought iron chandelier, whiskey barrels for long or individual tables, mirrors, chalkboards,, a variety of style table numbers, table runners, old doors, typewriter…you get the idea.

Please watch for everything we will be showing and offering. I will start booking next week for your events that you want to have that “special” look. Many of these accessories will be one of a kind so early booking will secure these items for you.

I can’t wait to work with you!


6 responses

  1. Hi there!
    I just stumbled upon your site, and am very interested in what you might have for rent for my wedding reception coming in May. Do you have a list of items you offer and what your pricing is? Thanks!

  2. We just left the “Weddings with Style Bridal Expo” and LOVED your booth. I am very interested in a few items in your booth, but specifically the small white chandelier that hung in the front right corner of your booth. Can you provide a rental rate for this and do you have a location we can visit to look at your other items?

    • Thanks Jackie! It was so much fun today. I’m so glad I had something you liked. Right now I don’t have a store front I am considered an internet business. I have to apologize for the website, I thought my blog would hold this business too but it won’t so I am having to have one built. You can go to my FB page and see some of what I had at the show but a few other things too. If you know what you want I will be glad to send pics or purchase the items for you to rent. If you have pictures from Pinterest or magazines I will recreate that for you. The wreath chandelier is $75. If you want more than one just let me know. Usually, unless otherwise specified, my rentals are from Friday to Monday. I would like to meet and talk to get a good feel for what will make your day special. Thanks so much and I can’t wait to work with you.

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