Hello world!

Hello, my name is Peggy. I also answer to Mom and Nana. For everyone else that also answers to the names “Mom and Nana” you understand how important they are. I have three wonderful adult “kids” and four grandkids…well almost…the fourth one will be here in October.

I’m not sure how many others are new to the blog world but I have just started the following…literally…two months ago. It all started when I visited my daughter in New York, Long Island that is, and she introduced me to the reason I am now blogging. Two words, chalk paint. Yes, that’s all it took for me to fall in love again.

I’m from the small town of Natchitoches, which is the oldest settlement in the Louisiana Purchase. It is also famous because the all time girly girl movie, Steel Magnolia, was filmed and based there. I grew up on the same street as the iconic Steel Magnolia Bed & Breakfast. This little town was settled by the French and, as is all of Louisiana, heavily influenced by the French and our own Southern style.

My family has installed, refinished and repaired hardwood floors for many years so it was very easy to add furniture to our company. I am now blogging to showcase  the furniture that shows off our beautiful french country “southern” style.

I hope you enjoy both what you read and see. Please feel free to stay awhile and don’t forget say “Hi ya’ll”.