Goodbye Birdie and a Sideboard.

Hey ya’ll and welcome back,

My mom is having empty nest syndrome…it’s the time of year that her Humming birds leave. We sit at her kitchen table and watch them as they dash…eat, hover…eat, guard…eat, fight…and then eat some more. The middle of October is the time they usually fly to warmer weather and so every morning, afternoon and evening, okay pretty much every hour of the day, she looks to see if her “little birds” are still around. She worries that their little tummies wont be full enough for their long flight so she keeps the feeders full with fresh food so there will be a “filling” station for those that are still here and those that have already started their journey.

On my first “mad woman” buying spree I stumbled upon a beautiful sideboard and surprise, surprise, surprise, they just happened to have the matching table with six chairs. I, of course, was a happy camper. But for this post I am only featuring the sideboard.

As you can see, again, my first picture is after I have started the project, but I think you can get a basic idea of what it looks like. It has so many wonderful details that I can’t decide what to show first. So we will start with the top and move on down to the legs. I did my usual strip and staining of the top. You all know I ONLY use MINWAX™ stain and dark walnut is the usual go-to color choice. I love the rich dark color in contrast to the paint and many times that is the color we have stained the floors so it really looks nice. I started to strip and stain the back scroll band of wood but the “OMG” factor just wasn’t there. After painting it…well a picture says a thousand words.

I have seen many sideboards comparable to this one painted some very pretty colors that are very eye catching. However, for me, when there is a lot of detail I love, love, love simplicity of color.  My go-to color on this is Old White with optional dark wax. The color is not the first thing I want noticed, the color is a complement of the detail.

The carving above the doors and on the top drawer was almost invisible before but now that’s one of the first things your eyes are drawn to.

The center part of that carving is a drawer with dividers for silverware. I replaced the existing felt with new. I also painted the inside of the drawers a flat latex matched to Duck Egg Blue. Two of the pulls had broken so, once again, I had to hunt for new ones. I didn’t like the color of them so I searched for oil rubbed bronze and made them all pretty thanks to Michael’s™ and Krylon™.  Here are more details.

As we move on down to the legs…well they just speak for themselves.

Hopefully sometime soon you will be seeing the table and chairs to complete this set or as individual pieces. This sideboard would make anyone’s home beautiful no matter where she is placed.

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Chalkboard Sideboard

Hey ya’ll and welcome back,

This week I started a sideboard that…well… let’s just say was wearing the WRONG  makeup.  Her beauty was lost  under a red shiny finish that was like tons of the wrong color makeup on dew-like skin.  It was hard to even decide how to help because I couldn’t get past the hideous finish. When I first saw her she was without the top portion because the mirror had been broken. We found it in the back room, put it on, and I knew I was going to rescue her and make her beautiful. She sat for a month before I could decide on her beauty treatment.

After dismissing every decision I thought of I finally came up with her make over. I decided she needed a chalkboard instead of a mirror and I wanted her to be ASCP™ Versailles. This color was popular in the Natchitoches area when it was settled in the 1700s and would be stunning in any home today. I also stripped and stained the top dark walnut.

While visiting Kelli in June I watched her make a chalkboard using a picture frame and applying the chalkboard paint to the glass. I knew that would not be an option for me so I searched for the perfect tool to use. A smooth surface is needed and birch wood can be used. Because the surface has to be primed before it becomes a chalkboard I decided to get a sheet of marker board and eliminate one step. It worked perfectly and is as smooth as a baby’s bottom. Next, a jigsaw and I had a party cutting it into an oval. After it was cut I pulled out the handy orbital sander, smoothed the edges that allowed a perfect fit. Power tools? intimidation? not for this steel magnolia.

My trusty photographer, Kelli, went home to Long Island so please suffer with me until I get the hang of taking the perfect picture.

I warned you about the terrible pictures but not about my terrible handwriting. But enough about that..isn’t she beautiful? As much as I love Versailles I equally love Barcelona orange. So I found an oops paint that couldn’t have been more perfect for the inside.

So here are a few pictures of her details.

Here she is in Tres Bien Antiques in historic downtown Natchitoches, Louisiana. Look for my post coming soon about our exciting move into Tres Bien Antiques.

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Sideboard circa 1900

Hey ya’ll and welcome back this week,

For those that have been reading my post (I have soooo many of them) you will see that there are a lot of “poor little things” littered all through them. Being from the “south” it has been said that we can say anything about anything as long as it is followed by”bless its little heart”. Well….Kelli affectionately says I say “poor little thing” about everything from my grandkids to poor little sideboards.

I found this “poor little sideboard” the same day as the linen cabinet from my first post (you can see it in the picture).  Even though it was stuck in a dingy corner in the back of this store I saw the beauty of it immediately.

It was made by the Continental Furniture Company from High Point, North Carolina that started in 1901. The mirror has such a wonderful shape with beveled edges and the shelf on each side would allow the reflection from the candle to double the light in the room.  But as you can see the hardware cannot be used and would have to be replaced.

I knew there were several places I wanted to accent but I also didn’t want so much competition that all would be lost. I stripped and stained the top so the tiger oak would show and I decided to strip and stain the doors.  I wanted to showcase the curve down the side, the details of the drawer and on those beautiful carved legs. At the time of this picture I had not found the pulls for the bottom drawer.

I have since found bell pulls with a delicate design that  look wonderful. I have to apologize for not having a picture of them.

I’m not sure if anyone else has had a piece that spoke to them the way this one did to me. I absolutely LOVE it and it will be very hard for me to find another piece that is this special. I can just see all the little girls growing up peaking over the top to look in the mirror and gradually being able to see their eyes as they grow taller….okay…so much for sappy thoughts. Bless its little heart.

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