Close the Barn Door! Oh Yea!…its a Headboard Now!

Hey Ya’ll and Welcome back,

It’s a Nana’s world! I guess that’s all I can say when you have four of the most beautiful grandchildren in the world!….NOOOO there’s no partiality here! HAHA.  Actually, I have three that I can hold now and my sweet four-year-old that I will hold again. There is a reason why grandchildren and grandparents both have the word GRAND in front of each! We are made for each other and don’t we know it. The little ones know that with grandparents it’s spoil time and we grandparents have SOOOO much fun doing it. My two local grandkids call for weekend time and most mornings I get a phone call all the way from New York with my three-year-old wanting to do Facetime. What would we do without technology! It’s the next best thing to being there. It’s a GRAND time!

This week I have made three barn doors into a king-size headboard. My client called sometime around November but with all of our differing schedules it was just recently that we connected to decide the details on the headboard. She saw these doors leaning up against an old barn and of course the brakes were applied and the car was put into reverse. All the while her husband was asking “…you want to do WHAT with those rotting doors?!” It’s called VISION. 🙂

Doors for headboard

If you look at the bottom of these doors you can see how they had started to rot. We decided that we liked the look of the rotted rough edges and wanted to leave that look. We took measurements of the king-size bed and decided the headboard needed to be 84″.  Because these doors are made from beaded lumber (tongue and groove) we my brother removed four of the boards from one door and would use it in the middle with the two full-size doors on each end. I really did not want there to be “new” lumber on the back of this headboard so we re-used the four boards we removed to frame the back for support.

Back of headboard

When we removed the boards from each side of the door we still had the original “Z” brace left. We cut off the extra brace but left approximately one inch on each side to attach the other two doors. You can see the boards on the bottom and top used to brace and hold the shape of the doors. I love that we still kept the old look even on the back side. It’s like sewing and needle work, if someone looks at the back you want it just as neat as the front. 🙂 The headboard will then be attached to the bed frame and Voila! it’s done.

Annie Sloan DuckEgg Blue was the color chosen with Old White peaking through. The color of this aged wood was a beautiful gray and I couldn’t have found a better color to distress to if I had wanted to. I love, love, love this headboard. It was such a fun project and I love that my clients trust me to make their “vision” happen.

Full shot headboard

Here are the beautiful details.

side view of door knob hole

A view of the rotted well-worn top. :).

Well-worn top


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Hey ya’ll and welcome back,

I am so excited for my Kelli this week. She is a HUGE fan of Young House Love and had RSVP’d for their book tour in Soho but it was canceled because of something crazy and uncontrolable (uncontrolable? is that even a word? I’m getting the dreadful red line!) Anyway, after rescheduling the time had arrived. However, the poor thing had so many obstacles to overcome to make it this week, but make it she did. She was SUPER WOMAN…braving tornadoes, an arctic front hitting warm air, fog, traffic, sick baby, and first manicure for said baby (she was so cute). On the LIE (Long Island Expressway) there is no cruising so she just hit the road to see her inspiration to pursue her blog and the courage to hang a picture and put a possible wrong hole in the wall. If you know anything about my daughter you know the FEAR of repairing the wall full of holes from hanging a crooked picture. 😉 PLEASE visit her and read her so cute post this week.

Well this week is gonna be a hodge podge of everything. I have been so busy and yet I have nothing to show you. CRAZY and equally frustrating. I will have to show you pics of a things in progress that will be coming in the next weeks. I have a photographer lined up for my two house reveals. I just finished my second house including floors, bathroom and new built in bookcase. I am working on the Hoosier, a headboard, and a dresser for a baby’s room. Wow! So here are a few sneak previews…

Beginning of distressing hoosier

This Hoosier has three colors. Can you see them? One is trying to peak out on the hinge…

Doors for headboard

These are the doors that will be transferred into a one-of-a-kind headboard, Old White and Duckegg Blue.

Top part of bookcase

This bookcase has Old White with dark wax and a surprise on the bottom.

bathroom sample

Oh wow, you’re gonna love this bathroom…and the light fixture in the laundry room is to die for…I can’t wait for you to see it!

Oh and can you see the floors in the background?!

Lisa's b/r d/s vanity

Bathroom vanity with vessel sink…hmmmmm….busy, busy, busy.

I did figure out how to get all of this done and still find a month to go to my Kelli’s in New York!!! YAY!!!

Thanks so much for stopping in and don’t forget to say “Hey ya’ll”.