Southern Bathroom ASCP Style

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I have hit the home road at a running pace, not only with work but with grandkids catching up on Nana time from the month I was at Kelli’s in New York.  So an apology is due for no post last week. I had a SUPER SURPRISE while in NY in the form of a gift to me from my G-daughter. It was a framed picture showing three different poses of her sitting in a chair holding a picture frame. The first was her saying “hushhhhh”  holding a picture frame that said “I have a secret”. The second pose was of her looking down at the frame that said “I’m gonna be a Big Sister” and the third frame was her with a wide-eyed, mouth-open surprised look on her face with the frame saying “November 2013”. WOW, my Kelli is pregnant! Ya know what that means….

So this week is a continuation of the home from my last post with the built-in Emperor’s Silk bookcase. This is her new master bathroom. I love the ship-lap walls above the bead board. Not to mention the beautiful beveled oak hardwood floorsMy client found her inspiration for the bathroom counters from Pottery Barn and Old White was the color. Again, she is pulling in one of her favorite colors…red.

B's bathroom straight pic

As you can see there are His/Her vanities with granite counter tops and lovely mirrors. Notice her art work between the windows, you’ll love the crab picture in another photo. She brings in such wonderful country, southern and cajun designs and it all works so well in her home. Love those floors too.

I didn’t show the custom shower except in the reflection of this fabulous mirror. It has a rain shower along with the personal shower. They have a seat ledge the full length of the shower. Talk about indulgence!

B's b/r mirror w/shower reflection

B's cabinet doors

I love french, Natchitoches influence of the fleur de lis on her drawer pulls.


The claw-foot tub is waiting for someone to say “Calgon take me away!” Okay…does that phrase from an old commercial tell how old I am? That’s okay…cuz if you  remember it you’re right up there with me. 🙂 The shelf has crystal door knobs  for holding the towels and burlap flowers.

B's tub w/towel rack

See the window in this view? I featured last week the reclaimed doors that led into this bathroom and on the wall to the left is a small window that overlooks this tub. I love this window that overlooks the tub…in the master suite…just saying. 🙂


If you look at the ceiling you will see the tongue-and-groove wood with ship-lap walls above the bead boarding. Not to mention that  colorful, partyin’ cajun, happy crab.


Ya got to love these door plates with crystal knobs.


Now get ready for this door lovers. There is an old repurposed five-paneled door behind the toilet! She tells her G-Kids that ” it is the door that leads to nowhere”. Ha! Who woulda thunk to do this!                                                                                                                                                     

B's commode door                                                                                                                                 

I had so much FUN on this project…of course I say that about every one that I do. I love to see the personalities of each of my clients and how it comes to life in their homes. I hope ya’ll have enjoyed this as much as I did in working on it.

I want to give a shout-out to the great people I worked with. Please find their FB page and give ’em a “like”.

Modern Upgrades/Tim Molan – Shower tile work

Prothro Construction/Charles Prothro Contractor

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OMG ASCP Bathroom Reveal

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I want to make sure Chelsey Frederick gets credit for all her hard work in taking the pictures for this post and the next two weeks. Chelsey is a junior at Northwestern State University in Natchitoches, LA and photographs the animals for Hope for Paws. Thanks Chelsey!

This week I have the second half of my clients home to reveal. Last week was her amazing kitchen now it’s two of her bathrooms. My brother was working on her home installing the wood floors when he saw her trying to strip the top of an old cabinet that she wanted to use in her bathroom as a vanity. She found out real fast, as we all do, that she did not want to tackle that job. So he loaded it and brought it home to me. This was the first thing I would do for her. I did not do a post on this cabinet so I can’t link you to anything for more detail. But I will show you a before picture. I had to repair a crack in the door on the bottom.

L's before vanity d/s

This is it when I delivered it.

L's vanity on delivery

I painted it Paris Grey with dark wax.  The center part of the drawer was removed to allow room for the plumbing of the vessel sink which created two narrow drawers on each side. I also painted the inside of the cabinet and drawer a pretty red. I stained the stripped oak wood with MINWAX dark walnut which is what we stained the floors with.

L's cab

L's vanity d/s w/red drawer

This sink was so pretty. It was brown with carvings/grooves cut that revealed a grey color with the inside of the bowl also being grey. It was the perfect sink for this grey-with-dark-wax vanity.

L's d/s vessel on vanity

L's rose on d/s vanity

L's chandelier d/s b/r

The shower was grey marble and had a natural linen curtain that hung from the ceiling and pooled on the floor. She has some amazing light fixtures in her home.  The mirror was the width of the vanity and was between five to six feet tall with a beautiful dark wood frame.

The upstairs bathroom has a completely different feel to it. I will show you with the pictures and describe it as we go.

L's landing

This picture really shows how pretty the floors are.

L's u/s vanity

To get the detail on the dresser turned vanity you can click here.

L's u/s vanity w/vessel sink

L's u/s tub

To the left of this great claw-foot tub there is a toilet and bedet.

L's u/s b/r chandelier

L's u/s mirror

Well there you have it. My first home reveal. What do ya think? 🙂 As always thanks so much for stopping in and don’t forget to say Hi!

Please stay in touch because I will have another home reveal over the next two weeks.

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Hey ya’ll and welcome back,

I am so excited for my Kelli this week. She is a HUGE fan of Young House Love and had RSVP’d for their book tour in Soho but it was canceled because of something crazy and uncontrolable (uncontrolable? is that even a word? I’m getting the dreadful red line!) Anyway, after rescheduling the time had arrived. However, the poor thing had so many obstacles to overcome to make it this week, but make it she did. She was SUPER WOMAN…braving tornadoes, an arctic front hitting warm air, fog, traffic, sick baby, and first manicure for said baby (she was so cute). On the LIE (Long Island Expressway) there is no cruising so she just hit the road to see her inspiration to pursue her blog and the courage to hang a picture and put a possible wrong hole in the wall. If you know anything about my daughter you know the FEAR of repairing the wall full of holes from hanging a crooked picture. 😉 PLEASE visit her and read her so cute post this week.

Well this week is gonna be a hodge podge of everything. I have been so busy and yet I have nothing to show you. CRAZY and equally frustrating. I will have to show you pics of a things in progress that will be coming in the next weeks. I have a photographer lined up for my two house reveals. I just finished my second house including floors, bathroom and new built in bookcase. I am working on the Hoosier, a headboard, and a dresser for a baby’s room. Wow! So here are a few sneak previews…

Beginning of distressing hoosier

This Hoosier has three colors. Can you see them? One is trying to peak out on the hinge…

Doors for headboard

These are the doors that will be transferred into a one-of-a-kind headboard, Old White and Duckegg Blue.

Top part of bookcase

This bookcase has Old White with dark wax and a surprise on the bottom.

bathroom sample

Oh wow, you’re gonna love this bathroom…and the light fixture in the laundry room is to die for…I can’t wait for you to see it!

Oh and can you see the floors in the background?!

Lisa's b/r d/s vanity

Bathroom vanity with vessel sink…hmmmmm….busy, busy, busy.

I did figure out how to get all of this done and still find a month to go to my Kelli’s in New York!!! YAY!!!

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Dresser turned Vanity

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This is a busy time for historic Natchitoches, LA because of  the annual Fall Pilgrimage Tour of Homes that includes locals dressing in attire of that time period. Natchitoches was settled in 1714 and has some beautiful homes from the early 1800’s.  From now until the first of the year there will be people from all over the world visiting this quaint little town.

I am so excited about my post this week. My brother and I are working with a client that asked me to find a piece to be turned into a vanity for her upstairs bathroom. The requirements were that it could not be more than 33″ tall and it needed to be at least 60″ long. I found several beautiful pieces, but unless you wanted the vessel sink to be chin level they wouldn’t work.

I found a beautiful dresser that met all the needed requirements. I was going to have all my ducks in a row on this post and have my pictures taken but the ducks had other plans. So I have joined the ranks of EVERYONE else whose ducks won’t cooperate. My first picture is after I had taken the drawers out and was ready to start stripping the top.

The dresser came with glass that had been cut to fit its curvy curves so the top was in very good condition. I was able to sand it without having to strip it. I then stained it with MINWAX™ dark walnut.  MINWAX™ is the only stain we have used for decades in our business of refinishing hardwood floors.  We modified the center drawers creating fake fronts to accommodate the plumbing. The center inside was now open for the plumbing. I left the top to be cut by the plumber as he would have the template for the vessel sink.

The choice of color was Old White with dark wax. I thinned the dark wax with Mineral Spirits before applying it and I loved the texture of it and it was very easy to work with.

I am very pleased that this will not  be the last time you see this beautiful vanity as our client has agreed to a reveal of her home when she has moved in. We will be showcasing her floors, kitchen, and both bathrooms.

Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to say “Hey ya’ll.” Why not check out our town of Natchitoches and plan a visit.

Update:  This dresser has been sold!

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