Wrought Iron…or is it?

Hey ya’ll and welcome back,

This week has been a little hectic. I will get to the purpose of this post in a second.  But first my parents had to repair a faucet under their carport which required the removing of  one row of brick down to the concrete floor. Never in our wildest dreams would we have thought a one-month-old kitten would go exploring inside the wall. There was only about two inches of space between the brick and the black boarding. She was about 18″ to the right of where the faucet was and there was NO getting her out. I had to get a mirror and flash light to even see her. Mom heard her at one time but thought nothing about it. Seven hours later we realized that this kitten was in the wall. So my 81-year-old dad told me to start cutting under the sink. I sawed through the back wood, sheet rock, insulation, and then the black board only to realize that I was too far to the left. Another hole was cut but a 2×4 blocked me. Another hole was cut and thankfully it was just to her right and I was able to pull her out. Believe me that was not they way I wanted to spend two hours of my evening. She has now adopted me as her mom. She follows me everywhere. So cute.

“Boots” is her name now because those boots took her walking…in all the wrong places.

So back to business.  I love wrought iron. For those of you that have been to New Orleans and have seen the beauty of the wrought iron railing and fences you understand why we love it. Front street and both bridges are all decked out with wrought iron in Natchitoches too.

Front street in Natchitoches, Louisiana

So you can understand that when I was visiting Sharon, an ASCP™ stockist at La Petite Maison in Monroe, Louisiana, and saw what she had done to a shiny brass chandelier I had to try my hand at this.

Sharon’s chandelier at La Petite Maison, ASCP stockist

Amazing isn’t it?! So I had a mirror that I wanted to try this on. As a side note when you look at this picture you will see that I did get the blue painter’s tape to turn the curve of the mirror!!! But more on that later.

I used two coats of  Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Graphite and then dark wax only just as instructed and….drum roll….

So what do you think? Does Graphite and dark wax give the look of wrought iron? I think it looks pretty darn good myself, but that’s my opinion, please let me know what you think. Should I repeat this on another pretty piece or not?

Thanks for stopping in and visiting and don’t forget to say “Hey ya’ll”. Before you leave you might want to check out what Kelli is doing, she is on fire with her painting and can’t keep anything more than a few hours before she has sold it. You go girl!!!

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