Cooled Down Red Hot Chair

Hey ya’ll and welcome back,

I know everyone that loves flowers are enjoying this Spring. Mom’s Iris’s and Amaryllis are absolutely beautiful. And…you know the Humming Birds are back. Mom has her usual seat at the kitchen table watching them. 🙂

Amaryllis 2013

Mom's Iris's 2013

This week I finally got to this chair that my long-time client has been very patiently waiting on. They stumbled on it and bought it for $10. It is one of those chairs that you either go all the way with it, stripping years of paint off, or just giving it a nice easy  face seat lift. I did caulk it some but it made no difference, sanding drips and chipping paint, again no difference and that’s when I knew it would take more work required than anyone wanted invested in it.

W/Ts red chair

You can see the upside down drips in paint on the back of the chair that absolutely would NOT sand out, the cracks and loose joints that could not be tightened because of so many coats of paint on the screws, etc. You get the picture, literally. 🙂

My clients wanted the chair to sit next to a Hoosier I had previously painted and Old White was the color chosen with dark wax. The first coat of paint really changed the look of the chair and by the time I put the dark wax on it you didn’t even see the upside down drips.

Red chair/Old White chair finished

WOW what a difference! Project complete!

Red chair seat finished

Red Chair seat finished

I love the details that show with the dark wax. All the layers of old paint brush marks really give the dark wax something to grab hold of.

Red chair seat finished

I sacrificed one of the Tiger Lily’s for the picture. This is going to look fantastic next to the Hoosier.

Thanks for stopping in for the visit and don’t forget to say hi! FYI I have started working on that “domed chest” some of you might remember me talking about in an earlier post. I can’t wait to show you the transformation!


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    • Thanks Allyson, I used your recipe for pretzels and I could not believe that I had made something that tasted just like Auntie Ann’s. My nieces thank you very much. 🙂

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