French Table and Chairs

Hey ya’ll and welcome back,

I guess I’m one of those people who can’t seem to follow through all the way with all of my “tech stuff”. While at Kelli’s my Ipad was giving me some trouble so I took it into an Apple Store. They were not able to correct the problem so I was given a new one. BUT…I would lose all my pictures on the old one. “No prob” I said….”I linked to my laptop and downloaded all my pictures so I have it covered.” Well…the rest of the story is that I had NOT done what ever I was supposed to have done to make all of that happen so needless to say all my pictures of jobs that I had completed and would write posts on are now yea, you got it, LOST! That’s what happened last week and I was so frustrated with my self that I just threw the towel in for that week.

But this is another day and another job. We have been blasted with floor work and in the middle of all that I got a phone call. This sweet lady was referred to me by Tres Bien Antiques for an update to her French Provincial table and chairs. She also wanted the chairs recovered. Well…this was something that I had never done except in helping Kelli with her dining room chairs. But these were a lot more complicated. Miss Mustard Seed has given me super powers because I said “Yes I will recover them for you.” This is the old look.

E's chair before

This chair has the finish with the dots and it had a yellow look. The yellow is what she wanted changed so I painted them Old White and applied dark wax thinned down to a glaze. I wanted to “lighten” the color of the dark wax so the glaze would not be as dark so here is a tip.

TIP: To lighten the dark wax color mix clear wax with it. It totally gave me the color I was looking for. Here is another tip.

TIP: When I clean my dark wax brush I save the mineral spirits in an empty wax can. I use this to thin the  dark wax to make my glazes. 

I have no pictures of my recovering the chairs, I was so engrossed into the making the pattern, covering the piping, sewing and fitting to the chairs that no pictures were taken. 😦

E's captain's chair back view

This is the back of one of the chairs showing the reupholstered seat. I think it looks pretty darn good. Especially for my first time.

Here’s the table before. The apron and base were different colors because over the years the color had faded.

E's table after

Here are the after pictures.


E's table/chairs afterIt all looks so much cleaner and softer. I love the way they turned out. Next week I will share the hutch I painted to match this dining room set.

Thanks so much for stopping in and don’t forget to say hi.

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  1. Peggy I’m totally in love with the set! Awesome! The table top is quite similar to what we had in our old KH in Jena, on a table we used for our ‘reporting’ back in the day. In the 70’s, when we remodeled the Hall, the piano and this table were antiqued with some greenish-brown color, and for ‘the day’, it was okay. When Jena and Olla merged, Daddy donated for me to have the table…it’s called a ‘library table’ and has the same style cut ont he top. An Antique dealer in Lake Charles told us that the cut is called, ‘tiger-something’, but is outlawed now because of how much of the wood is wasted to get the look. Loved the work you did here! Love love loved it!

  2. Your work is just fabulous. If you don’t mind me asking (because some don’t like to share trade secrets & that’s OK) – in what proportions & how do you mix your dark glaze?

    • Thank you so much. I never mind helping and sharing what I’ve learned so please ask away. It usually works out to be 1/2 and 1/2 so make sure you have already applied your clear wax first because I never count this as a wax. I never add a wax on top of it either. It is thin enough that I paint it on with my wax brush (I use the small brush for this) but not so thin it runs. I really like the finish I get with it. Please make sure you see my other tips in this post, they can save you a lot of time and product. I hope this helps. Happy painting!

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