OMG!!! An ASCP Kitchen Reveal!

Hey y’all and welcome back,

I am so excited about this post. I have been waiting for it for so long and it is finally here. Kelli suggested that I contact a photography class to see if there would be any eager students that would like to take on the challenge of taking the pictures for me. So before I start I have to give a shout out to the Director of Art Department at Northwestern State University in Natchitoches, LA for directing my email to the professor of Photography. He chose Chelsey Frederick to help. Chelsey is a junior and photographs the animals for Hope for Paws. Thanks Chelsey!

The first home I want to share is an old home that was gutted and had additions added on. So the first thing we my brother did was install hardwood floors. After installing and sanding the hardwood floors it was time to stain with MINWAX dark walnut and then three coats of satin oil-based polyurethane. BEAUTIFUL!

As we were working on the floors our client started talking about her kitchen and how she would LOVE to have it finished but couldn’t find anyone that could paint it with “that distressed look”. When she left I said to my brother “you KNOW what I want to do don’t you?” He said “yea…I know what you want to do”. 🙂 But………so far……..I had been the only one really excited about ASCP. After talking about it we decided that we would do the kitchen if our clients wanted it too. So I whipped out my IPAD, showed our client my work and they said YES!

I first stained all the areas that I wanted to distress. On new cabinets you also have a LOT of holes to fill, which isn’t hard it’s just time consuming. Then the painting started.

L's unfinished cabs w/stain

Pure White was the color chosen distressed back to the stained wood.  The cabinets had a lot of detail that the distressing really complemented. The ASCP brush worked quite well when painting the dental molding. ASCP brushes are made for the stippling motion as it doesn’t destroy the natural bristles. I knocked those out in no time compared to the time it took with a regular paint brush. After painting two coats of Pure White, I waxed with clear wax, left it to dry overnight, the next day I buffed, waxed and then buffed again the following day.

L's Kitchen

Absolutely beautiful!!! Our client had a custom armoire built to cover her refrigerator. We stained it with MINWAX dark walnut also.

L's refrigerator armoire

Poche’s Wood Specialties, LLC

In the next picture you can see the pretty floors. There is a seamless transition from new floors to the almost 100 year-old floors. MINWAX stain is wonderful in helping the color transition.


The island was painted Paris Grey with dark wax. The granite is black and white with sparse strains of red running through it and has a triple-pencil edge that was hand buffed. Looking into the kitchen on the right side of the island you will see the two bar stools. On one end there is an antique tea cart. On the side of the sink the island has a warming drawer, storage and a trash can. Across from the stove there is a microwave drawer and more storage.

Warmer drawer

Island details

On each side of the stove there is fluted trim that conceals an upright drawer that pulls out spice racks. The tradition in this family is to have a mirror above the stove.

L's red stove Above the beautiful red stove was a mantle with storage above. This picture shows the pretty corbels and dental molding. I love the distressing.

Stove mantle

The cabinet below the sink looks like a piece of furniture with the wonderful curvy legs.

L's kitchen sink view

Across from the refrigerator there was a small wall with cabinets above and a small desk-style counter. The counter top was extended to the window and braced with two spindles that were begging to be distressed.

On the ceiling there is a load-bearing beam where the new kitchen was added to the old part of the house. This beam was already painted white, but my client wanted to have it wrapped with reclaimed wood but it was not to be so the next best thing was to paint it Coco then Pure White and distressed. It was amazing how something so simple changed the look of the room. It looked so good with the finish of the cabinets.

L's kitchen beam

Here are some detailed pictures.


I love the swan chandelier.

Swan chandelier

Island detail

Counter top view

The chopping block was handed down to her. It had been painted red but she stripped the paint off. The pig is a cool touch.

L's kitchen chopping block

So there it is my first kitchen. I have shared the kitchen this week. Next week I will share the two bathrooms.

I want to thank my clients sooooo much for allowing me to share their home with y’all. Please if you like it give me a shout out so I can pass it along to them. Also, if you have ANY questions about what you see please let me know, if I have the answers i will share them with you.

Before I leave I want to give a shout out to Poche’s Wood Specialties, LLC ( for doing such a great job on the cabinets. Give Burt a “like” on facebook and see some of his other work.

Thanks for stopping in and don’t forget to say hi.


18 responses

  1. What a beautiful kitchen! You did a wonderful job. I have been wanting to paint my cobalt blue and white kitchen in a similar way, white with cobalt showing through instead of the bare wood. Thanks for sharing and for all the detail shots.

    • I have to say I think your undertaking your kitchen with regular paint was a much harder job than with ASCP. I love the finish everything has with her paint. Thanks for stopping by. I look forward to hearing your feedback.

  2. Everything about this kitchen redo is amazing! I love their style, I especially love the wood chopping block. You did amazing work here congrats to everyone!

    • Thanks!!! I love that I had something so pretty to work with too! The chopping block is amazing isn’t it! Thanks so much for your kind words, I really appreciate the feedback.

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  4. WOW! This is absolutely breathtaking! What a gorgeous makeover and kitchen! Wow! Thanks for coming by to link up up at Sharing with Domestic Superhero Thursday Link Party! I love this so much! I hope to see another project this thursday!!

  5. I ADORE THIS KITCHEN!!! all of the different elements and unexpected details are amazing…that red stove was perfect!! Great job!!!

    • Thank you so much! I was so happy that I was able to do it because of that detail! Hehe! I was drooling over the legs beneath the sink and at the end of the cabinets, not to mention the mantle! Thanks for stopping in and saying hi! I really appreciate it.

  6. Very nicely done! thanks for sharing. I too paint cabinets for clients and I love getting great inspiration from people! What did her cabinets look like before? One of my new clients asked me about caulking seems, have you ever done that? Also, did you remove the doors? thanks again

    • Wow! Thanks so much! These cabinets were new so as you can see from the pics I stained the distress points and painted two coats. I then applied three coats of wax allowing overnight drying time. She still loves them! I have since done more kitchens but haven’t posted pics which have included existing cabs…which have required lots of cleaning before painting. It is a lot of work but I also charge accordingly…custom paint jobs! I haven’t had to caulk any seams…the cab builders have been fantastic so far! I have had to on other projects though and it hasn’t been a problem. Watch utube for wonderful how-to videos. If you have any other questions feel free to contact me any time…I learned from others so I don’t mind sharing what I know.

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