Hey ya’ll and welcome back,

I am so excited for my Kelli this week. She is a HUGE fan of Young House Love and had RSVP’d for their book tour in Soho but it was canceled because of something crazy and uncontrolable (uncontrolable? is that even a word? I’m getting the dreadful red line!) Anyway, after rescheduling the time had arrived. However, the poor thing had so many obstacles to overcome to make it this week, but make it she did. She was SUPER WOMAN…braving tornadoes, an arctic front hitting warm air, fog, traffic, sick baby, and first manicure for said baby (she was so cute). On the LIE (Long Island Expressway) there is no cruising so she just hit the road to see her inspiration to pursue her blog and the courage to hang a picture and put a possible wrong hole in the wall. If you know anything about my daughter you know the FEAR of repairing the wall full of holes from hanging a crooked picture. 😉 PLEASE visit her and read her so cute post this week.

Well this week is gonna be a hodge podge of everything. I have been so busy and yet I have nothing to show you. CRAZY and equally frustrating. I will have to show you pics of a things in progress that will be coming in the next weeks. I have a photographer lined up for my two house reveals. I just finished my second house including floors, bathroom and new built in bookcase. I am working on the Hoosier, a headboard, and a dresser for a baby’s room. Wow! So here are a few sneak previews…

Beginning of distressing hoosier

This Hoosier has three colors. Can you see them? One is trying to peak out on the hinge…

Doors for headboard

These are the doors that will be transferred into a one-of-a-kind headboard, Old White and Duckegg Blue.

Top part of bookcase

This bookcase has Old White with dark wax and a surprise on the bottom.

bathroom sample

Oh wow, you’re gonna love this bathroom…and the light fixture in the laundry room is to die for…I can’t wait for you to see it!

Oh and can you see the floors in the background?!

Lisa's b/r d/s vanity

Bathroom vanity with vessel sink…hmmmmm….busy, busy, busy.

I did figure out how to get all of this done and still find a month to go to my Kelli’s in New York!!! YAY!!!

Thanks so much for stopping in and don’t forget to say “Hey ya’ll”.


6 responses

  1. I love my Momma!! Busy Busy!! Can’t wait for you to get here!! Everything looks so good, I can’t wait to see the house reveals. I’m sure they feel like second homes you’ve been working in them so much! Love ya!

  2. Wow Peggy I’m speechless! You and Kelli are amazing!!!!!! I wish I could take lessons from you both!! I cant believe how much you’ve done since the last time i checked out your page! i signed up to get the email updates so i can continue learning 🙂 We are looking forward to your visit. C u soon.

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