Cedar Chest into Toy Chest

Hi Ya’ll and Welcome Back,

…actually I feel like I should be telling myself that since I’ve been gone so long and the thing is I haven’t gone anywhere. I HAVE to get back into “this” again as I have had so many remind me that I haven’t been keeping up on the posts…hmmmmm…YAY!!! I have people that actually like reading this. HAHA! So here’s what’s going on with me this week.

I have a client who’s mother has two chests, one cedar and one is a domed trunk that will be a fun challenge. And if anyone has a better name than “domed trunk” please let me know. Kelli says Google it mom and I’m telling her I don’t have time. I have twenty minutes to write this, get the pics in and link up to MMS FFF.  So, for this post it ‘s stuck with being called a “domed trunk”. Can you tell  my mind is jumping from subject to subject? I can’t get my mind off a conversation I had this evening about ASCP. Yea…you know what I’m talking about. 😉 I sent an email to one of my clients asking them to be my stockist.  “A what?” they asked. Three hours later I left their house after picking up a Hoosier that I will share with you later. Okay gotta get back to my post. Concentrate…get centered…oh there it goes again…ASCP stockist…

So about this cedar chest…my client’s sister chose this one of the two and she wants it made into a toy chest with hydraulic lifts for the lid as it is quite heavy. Here is what it looked like before I started.

Anna's cedar chest

When I first saw it I thought the alligator finish was caused from resin seeping through but I guest it had just been in the sun and over years this is what happened to the finish. Thankfully it sanded completely off. The inside is in pristine condition and still smells of cedar. You can see in the picture that the lid is very large so I had to find hydraulic lifts that would work. I guess I just chose the wrong company to order from because I had so much trouble figuring out how to install them. The one inch picture with instructions just didn’t give this DIYer enough info. But finally I was able to deliver it today, just in time for them to see it in person instead of reading about it here.

Anna's cedar chest finished

Wow what happened to it? ASCP Old White happened and isn’t it a beauty. I couldn’t help distress it off centered a little extra because I could  picture all the little knees bracing themselves while digging to the absolute bottom of this chest while creating havoc on the floor. Oh the memories of that. The thing is my oldest son had all the tiny toy indians and cowboys that were about an inch tall so when he was knee deep…OMG there were hundreds of these tiny toys that had to be picked up…yep you got it by none other than  yours truly.

Anna's chest hinge

Anna's chest side view

I feel very accomplished for having finished and delivered both this chest and this post. Even though I am hours late and I am number WHAT? on MMS FFF. Oh well…ASCP stockist anyone?

Thanks for stopping in and visiting for a while. Please come back I promise there will be more.

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