Texas Table

Hey ya’ll and welcome back,

I have been pumped this whole week working and completing my first kitchen. I told my client that I could commit the perfect crime because I have no finger prints left. 🙂 I have completely sanded them off from distressing the cabinets.   Believe me when I say the sand paper that is between your fingers and the wood sandboth ways.  My brother, after the fact, said “Well sis just tape your fingers and that wont happen”. DUH!!! It’s just that simple…but that information was supposed to come to me before I started not after. 🙂 TIP: Tape your finger tips before sanding. I did tape them and it made a huge difference.

This week I want to show you a table that I finished for my sister the same weekend I started the remake of  Tori’s room. It was given to them and had a very rustic look. It had great potential and would prove that with the help of some ASCP Chateau Gray and dark wax. I love this color. It is not a gray, it is a green.

You can see the knots in the wood and the dents and dings on the top increases the rustic look, but the design of the apron and the curve of the legs are lost. Until….

WOW!!! It looks GREAT!!! Everything about this table has softened yet still has the chunky, rustic feel to it. The knots in the wood are wonderful and look at that leg! In true Texas tradition along with the skin rug here she is now.


Top of Kristi's tableCorner of Kristi's table

I think it looks wonderful and so does all the Texas fam. Tori has a vintage dresser added to her room makeover and hopefully I will have pics of it soon.

I have another sneak peak of the kitchen I just completed. After the first of the year I will have a complete reveal of her home.

Lisa's island

Thanks for stopping in for the visit and don’t forget to say “hey yall”.


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