Remake of a Teenage Bedroom

Hey ya’ll and welcome back,

Last weekend was spent in Texas with my sister and her family. I had to restock my paint supply from Lady Butterbug and yes…it was a working weekend. This was a labor of love and was so much fun. My niece inherited a hand-me-down bedroom suit that upgraded her from a twin to queen bed. It is very nice but was dark wood. She is the typical teenager that is growing into her own likes and dislikes. Which correlates to “mom I want a new look for my room.”  So this was a good time to introduce Annie Sloan Chalk Paint to the Texas family and start the transformation of her room. She had stripped her room of lights, picture/marker boards, teenage stuff so she can start from scratch. Here is a  picture of her headboard  before being painted.

She chose Old White because nothing else in the bedroom makeover has been decided on, including the color. And probably that will be changed many times before something is decided on. 😉 Oh come on you know I’m right. 😉 I cleaned the bed and bedside tables, but when I started to paint look what happened in the corners.

A quick call to Karla, my stockist, reassured me of possible causes; I did what she said and…I did clean it, I really did,  but I must not have done a very good job at removing the oils. So that means that when my sister said “dust it”, Tori must have really dusted!!!! Good girl!!! BUT what do I do now. This corner was like oil and water not wanting to mix. I have a lot of work ahead and we didn’t get started until after five p.m…it was going to be a long night. I was curious to see what this paint would do after the second coat with this left as is. Will it peel off like latex would have?  So at the risk of having a HUGE mess on my hands I went with it instead of wiping it off and cleaning again. Gotta love this paint.  So after the second coat, distressing, and waxing this is how it looked.

Wow, I couldn’t believe it. The second coat filled in and painted right over the mess of the first coat. Even when I sanded there was not a look of “bubbles” underneath. It was as smooth as a baby’s bottom. What’s crazy is that after painting this headboard it looks like a paneled door. So, painting on family’s furniture is good for something, you can test things out that otherwise would never have been allowed to pass. Thank goodness there is not a redo in my future. At least not until another bedroom makeover is due. UHHH…but I there is Livvie, the loveable, huggable, pesky little sister, growing up fast on your heals Tori.

I hope everyone has found a wonderful, helpful stockist. Karla at Lady Butterbug is one of those that will go above and beyond what is called for to get your paint to you. She knows her “stuff” and while in the middle of opening her third, yes third location she makes sure that her wonderful husband, Steve, meets me with my order. Thank you Karla and Steve for being so helpful.

Here is a sneak peek at the kitchen I started this week. Instead of regular cabinets, it looks like she has huge pieces of furniture. You can see her beautiful floors too. More on all of this home later in the reveal.

Thanks for stopping in. I can’t wait for you to see everything I have going on. Please come back and don’t forget to say hey ya’ll.


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  1. What a wonderful job you did on this Peggy! Thanks sooooo much for the kind words. It is a pleasure to see the masterpieces that creative people like yourself make come to life with Annie’s paint. Keep painting and enjoy…hope to see you soon ~ Karla

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