High-Low in Old White

Hey Ya’ll and welcome back,

I am very excited about my buying trip this weekend. I am going to try my hand on a couple of beautiful armoires. I can’t wait!  While I’m on this trip my sister wants me to help her paint…maybe my niece’s bed, night stands, kitchen table, chair, how many hours are in a weekend? So note to self, “don’t forget the brushes and other tools!”. 🙂  Then Monday, if everyone else’s week went okay, I will start my clients kitchen!!! YAY!!! That will be my largest project as of yet.

So this week I have completed the high-low vanity that goes with the coco bed. Here’s a before picture and the stool is not part of it.

I didn’t finish it in Annie Sloan’s Coco because I wanted it to be stand-alone piece if needed. I know I’m probably being a bore going with Old White but I didn’t use the dark wax and I can’t help it, I love, love, love the look of this color with distressing. It is such a classic look you just can’t go wrong with.  Let me tell you this is one SOLID vanity. The tri-fold mirror alone feels like it weighs 50 pounds, then the vanity itself weighs a TON and that’s without the drawers!

I was really undecided about painting the inside of the drawers because they were such a pretty wood, but there were enough imperfections, scratches really from years of use,  that I decided to go ahead and paint them.  This is where I put my pop of color.

I tried to take the pulls off but on the last refinish they must have varnished them to the drawers. They are beautiful and I was afraid I would break them if I pried them off. So I painted them. I didn’t like the shiny metal that showed through after sanding to distress. So, I wet a cloth and rubbed them until I had removed enough paint that I was satisfied. I love the dark patina that comes through instead of the bright brassy look.

While I am at my sister’s I will be testing some of the 3M tape that several have commented on that will turn a curve and maybe my dear, wonderful, informative, thoughtful, cute, brother-in-law will give me some of those tips he was telling me about. So until then, thanks for stopping in for a visit, relaxing, and enjoying a cup of coffee or a nice glass of sweet ice tea. Don’t forget to say “Hey y’all”.

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6 responses

  1. Y’all are going to try and do my furniture!?!? By the way this looks better than great! I think that the vanity will really pull the white trim out on the bed.

  2. Hi Peggy, thank you for stopping by my blog! You did a great job on this gorgeous vanity! It will look spectacular with the coco bed, which is absolutely beautiful by the way, love how you cleanly highlighted the lines.

    I use Frog Tape and I love it for very clean lines. I use it sparingly because it is so pricey! Otherwise I use dollar store painting tape, lol!. There is a tape that bends around curves, forget the name of it. I think I read about it on Betsy Speers’ blog. What I have done also with the Frog tape is make several cuts around corners, but not all the way down, so it can fan out. So that’s my two cents on that, lol!

  3. Thanks for your two cents on the tape. :0 I will be posting all the data I have received very soon. The price for Frog tape is a big concern for most that have to buy it. Lol. Thanks for stopping in and saying hi. Please come back again.

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