COCO anyone?

Hey ya’ll and welcome back,

I want to thank everyone that checked out our home town of Natchitoches, Louisiana. So many of you have visited us and some have even been to the Fall Pilgrimage from years past. I loved that all of you let me know how much you enjoyed the post and our little town. And…the Humming birds are gone for this year.

This week I am featuring a beautiful bed that I got from a friend of mine. She and her husband are retiring, down sizing their home and no longer have room for it. So…one phone call later and I snatched this baby up. I also have the matching high-low vanity with tri-fold mirror and armoire that I will show later. I vacillated from painting the bed for a little girls room to something more stately. Stately won. Actually, I had just gotten ASCP™ Coco and really, really, really, wanted to use it so some cute little girl is going to miss out on this bed.

As with a lot of these vintage pieces some of the trim is either missing or broken. I tried to repair this 2″ strip that was missing by matching the size with small dowels but even the smallest was too big. So as I was preparing dinner one night I happened across my kabob skewers and low and behold, symbols started crashing, fireworks started going off and look what I did. Yep, I sanded one side to make it flat…done, stained it…done, glued it,  painted it…done and DONE!!!

As you can see the curve of the foot board is definitely something I wanted to showcase so I experimented painting it a couple of ways.

I thought I wanted the top part of the bed to be white but in doing that the legs also had to be painted white which, to me, was not a good look. So I went with my second plan of painting the small trim inside each panel. Do you know what it takes to tape off all of that? I have read where people will just hop in their cars to go purchase the coveted Frog™ tape, but I live an hour away from any Home Depot or Lowe’s. I had regular blue painter’s tape which, to me, works just as well as long as the edges are sealed. Okay to tell the truth, I have never even used Frog™ tape so I don’t know which works better, YET. What I really want in a tape is one that will bend with the curves cuz tearing 1″ strips to make  the curve is exasperating not to mention time consuming!!!! Give me a tape that will curve when needed and I will hop in my car and drive the hour to get it in a heart beat!!!

I also experimented with distressing, but again, I loved the crispness of the look without distressing. I can see this bed with white-on-white bedding. I love the Coco color with the Old White accent. I found the bedroom below on Little Inspirations to inspire imaginations for this beautiful bed.

So here it is, minus, of course, the beautiful bedding shown above.

Here are a few more views.

So what about it…blue painter’s tape or Frog™ tape? I am curious to see if driving an hour is worth it or not. Please let me know whether you feel all the hoopla about Frog™ tape is all that or not.

Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to say “Hey ya’ll”.

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  1. You left out the part where your best friend nearly freaked out when, at first quick glance, seeing the blue tape thought you had lost your artistic mind and painted blue accent stripes! I like the white on cocoa much better!

    • Thanks Judy, I’m trying to get feed back from people that really use it and would know the difference in the tapes. I will let everyone know the results of what I find out. Thanks for stopping in.

  2. You need 3M fine line tape (online or my husband says automotive supply stores) You can get it in various widths. It would probably pull latex off but should be fine on chalk paint or I would even think milk paint. He does pinstriping on hotrods so we’re familiar with it around here 🙂 But it’s kind of plastic and it stretches a little so you can make nice curves with it…. Just a suggestion! Your bed is GORGEOUS!!!!

  3. Thanks so much Rachel for the tip on the tape. I only use ASCP so I will try it when I need it. The curvy curves are what I like so I KNOW I’m going to need it soon. Thanks for the visit.

  4. Thanks Glenda, my mom is as in love with this bed as we are. She keeps making sure that I have taken pictures of the “curve on the foot board and that there are four legs and not just two.”. 🙂

  5. Recently, I painted my fireplace mantel in Coco and used the Frog Tape to tape off the wall surrounding the mantel. First, I painted one coat on the mantel but got busy with life and couldn’t do the second coat until a week later. It made me nervous thinking that the tape might damage the wall–a flat paint, textured wall. Once I painted the second coat, did my waxing, I pulled the Frog Tape with no problems at all.

    Your bed is beautifully done!!

  6. Thanks Kathy for stopping in. I only use a paint brush but it is an Annie Sloan brush and to me it does make a difference. But then ASCP is almost like glass before it is even sanded. So I have a win-win combination. 🙂

  7. I’ve been painting my interior house walls for years and was always annoyed how the paint would seep under the painter’s tape. I found Frog tape one year at my favorite paint store and haven’t looked back. I used it to cover the baseboards when I painted my little farmhouse living room last year. I ran a damp cloth over the tape to activate the adhesive before I even painted (getting wet paint on the tape activates it, too, but I wanted to be sure to get a tight seal) and I didn’t have any paint on the baseboards. I love the stuff.

    • YAY!!!!! Thanks so much for letting me know how we’ll it works. I will go ahead and buy some now and see how it works for me. I had no idea that something is activated when it gets wet. That would really make a difference in any type of regular tape. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  8. Love the bed and the color coco- I haven’t used that one yet and now can’t wait to try it. Thanks for your comment earlier- so far my cabinets have been great, so happy I used ASCP on them!

    • I am very excited about doing this kitchen too. It’s going to be a fairly large one with a huge island. I will be featuring her home as soon as it is finished which I can’t wait to do. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge.

    • Hey Vix, maybe next month you and Olivia can come over. I will put you to work. Lol. I will be of there in a couple of weeks to pick up at least two armoires. Can’t wait to see y’all.

  9. Rachel is exactly right. I was asking Jared since he paints cars too and many of the areas he tapes off are tedious. The fine line tape works much better not to mention a few tricks of the trade Jared’s learned over the years he can share with you.

    I love the bed! Great color choices and I love the kabob skewer trick!

    • YAY!!! I am so excited. There is nothing worse than tearing 1″ strips and then having a whole curved line of 1″ jagged edge if all is not lined up right where your eyes go to. I will definitely share this after I buy some and work with it. THANKS!

  10. Thank you so much Sandy. I am going to try some of these suggestion on different tapes and I will be sure to let everyone know how they work so we don’t need to sacrifice anything…hopefully. 🙂 so stay tuned and thanks so much for stopping in and saying hi.

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