Sideboard circa 1900

Hey ya’ll and welcome back this week,

For those that have been reading my post (I have soooo many of them) you will see that there are a lot of “poor little things” littered all through them. Being from the “south” it has been said that we can say anything about anything as long as it is followed by”bless its little heart”. Well….Kelli affectionately says I say “poor little thing” about everything from my grandkids to poor little sideboards.

I found this “poor little sideboard” the same day as the linen cabinet from my first post (you can see it in the picture).  Even though it was stuck in a dingy corner in the back of this store I saw the beauty of it immediately.

It was made by the Continental Furniture Company from High Point, North Carolina that started in 1901. The mirror has such a wonderful shape with beveled edges and the shelf on each side would allow the reflection from the candle to double the light in the room.  But as you can see the hardware cannot be used and would have to be replaced.

I knew there were several places I wanted to accent but I also didn’t want so much competition that all would be lost. I stripped and stained the top so the tiger oak would show and I decided to strip and stain the doors.  I wanted to showcase the curve down the side, the details of the drawer and on those beautiful carved legs. At the time of this picture I had not found the pulls for the bottom drawer.

I have since found bell pulls with a delicate design that  look wonderful. I have to apologize for not having a picture of them.

I’m not sure if anyone else has had a piece that spoke to them the way this one did to me. I absolutely LOVE it and it will be very hard for me to find another piece that is this special. I can just see all the little girls growing up peaking over the top to look in the mirror and gradually being able to see their eyes as they grow taller….okay…so much for sappy thoughts. Bless its little heart.

Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to say “hey ya’ll”.  Check out Kelli’s blog to see her new find.

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14 responses

    • Thanks Lisa, I am so proud of how it turned out. I love your fall room. I understand about the pillows, that’s what happened with the pulls on this piece. Thanks for stopping by.

  1. This is definitely a favorite. I would LOVE this in my house if I was 1500 miles closer and had a bigger house :). So proud of your work and now finding a great shop to sell your pieces! Can’t wait to see where this leads 🙂

  2. Thanks to you my sweet little girl. I can’t believe how things have fallen into place over the past couple of months. I that all it’s been?!!!! CRAZY what one can do in such a short period of time.

    • Thanks Angela, I know what you mean about wanting to keep special pieces. It is already in my shop waiting for a new home. 😦 It will be just as exciting for me to know someone else loves it just as much. Thanks for stopping by and saying hi.

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